Bella Hadid Almost Exposed Her Vagina in What Might Be the Most Scandalous Dress of All Time

Naked dresses have been played out for a while now. They were shocking up until a few years ago when everyone from Beyoncé to high school girls decided they needed several naked (fine, illusion) pieces in their wardrobe. My point is, there’s little that can scandalize these days.

Might Be the Most Scandalous Dress of All Time
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But I think Bella Hadid has done it. The 19-year-old model stepped onto the red carpet for the premiere of The Unknown Girl at the Cannes Film Festival today wearing a truly risky dress: silky, red, with a slit that went up past her hips almost to her waist.

I mean, everything about this dress! There’s ample front cleavage and side boob, and Bella looks stunning with her hair in a sophisticated French twist.

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But whatever she is doing to pose and walk and breathe in this dress is beyond me, because that slit is terrifying.