Heritage perfume Clive Christian

Clive Christian became the custodian of a British perfumery first established in 1872,  the only house ever to have been granted the image of Queen Victoria’s crown, and set about restoring true luxury to the world of perfumery by reviving the original values and heritage of the perfumery with no reference to cost under his principle to “Design first – to be the best that it can be – then cost it”.

Clive Christian’s vision of luxury perfume culminated in the 1999 release of the Original Collection of six pure perfumes in three matched ‘his and hers’ pairs using the most rare and precious natural ingredients from around the world.

The design of the bottle was as an important reflection of the perfume itself, and in addition to reviving the original glass bottles from the perfumery archives, Clive also designed a hand-cut crystal stopper for the pure perfume aficionado.  The No1 pure perfume crystal bottle bears a single white brilliant cut diamond at the collar as a symbol of the rarity of the ingredients within.

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15 Years of No1

The pinnacle of excellence in this golden renaissance of the art of perfumery was to be the Clive Christian No1 Perfume, named as such as it had to be the very best perfume in the world. The finest that could be made. The number one! Beautiful essential oils, natural ingredients and extraordinary absolutes were to be found no matter where they were. Rarity and cost were no barrier. This was to be the perfume of his heart.

Today Clive Christian No1 remains one of the finest perfumes of all time and the house of Clive Christian retains its majesty and the patronage of the rich and famous.


Source: clive.com