How To Be The Perfect Online Seller

You know how to shop online, we know, you’ve honed that skill already. You don’t need our help or encouragement there. But what about selling? With Christmas looming and your wardrobe already packed, it is a great time to sell pieces that you no longer want or need, in order to earn some greater spending power ahead of party season.

Fanny Moizant, founder of Vestiaire Collective and owner of the ” most edited wardrobe in fashion”, is meticulous about selling designer pieces quickly in order to restock with whatever new styles she has her eye on. So what tips does she have for selling your own pre-loved luxury?

Fanny Moizant, founder of Vestiaire Collective, photographed by Dvora
Fanny Moizant, founder of Vestiaire Collective, photographed by Dvora
  •  Sell pieces within four seasons of release – people tend to remember key pieces from recent seasons and are more likely to still want them.
  • Look after your items – protect leathers and suedes, stuff bags to ensure they keep their shape, keep hold of invoices and authenticity cards and always store items in dust bags and boxes.
  • Keep the proof of purchase, knowing where and when you bought the product and from what season and collection it was from will help with quick sale.
  • Be aware of the best time to sell a piece, for example a designer’s last collection for a house will always be popular, sell it after a few months to recoup the cost or hold on to it for a while and it could increase in value.
  • Sell current items one to two seasons after release if you want to recoup the maximum value on your investment, the buzz will start to die down after a couple of seasons which will impact on the resell value.
  • Take good pictures with a mix of different angles and give as many details as you can; fabric compensation, pockets, zip etc.
  • Give the exact measurements of the garment and set a fair price depending on season, condition and if it sold out. Depending on the product around 40 to 70 per cent off the original retail price.


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