UAE designers unveil Ramadan fashion to eager shoppers

Nazek al-Sabbagh, founder of the Zari O’Breesam fashion brand, showed off her Ramadan collection.

Many Muslim women still have time for some glamor during the holy month of Ramadan, especially with fashion designers catering for this specific time of the year with whole new, specialized collections.

On its official Facebook page, Valleydez stores in the UAE invited prospective fashionistas to attend the unveiling of its Ramadan Collection on July 1.

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“Shop the most exquisite pieces by your favorite designers and standout from the crowd with our stunning options for the season,” it promised its customers.

The new collection will be shown at a suhoor evening event. Suhoor is when Muslims eat and drink before sunrise, onwards from which they have to abstain from food and water until sunset.


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Source News: Alarabiya
Photo courtesy: Zari O’Breesam