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Positive news continues regarding the efforts of the State of Qatar in combating the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, as the outcome of recovery from the Corona virus continued to rise compared to the number of infections for the third consecutive day. Today, the Ministry of Health recorded 510 recoveries, bringing the total cases to 151,225 cases, while the number of infections decreased. With the low registration of deaths that did not register any case today, thanks to the treatment protocols and medical services provided by the health sector in accordance with global standards, as well as the preventive decisions and measures taken by the state to limit the spread of the virus.

Yesterday, the data collected showed that 463 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus were recorded in the last twenty-four hours, including 425 local infections recorded among community members and 38 cases among travelers returning from abroad who were subject to quarantine, in addition to a death case.

While the Ministry of Public Health announced on February 21 that 480 cases of Coronavirus had recovered, compared to recording 459 new confirmed cases of the virus, bringing the total number of people recovering from the disease in the State of Qatar to 150,220.

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The last time the number of recoveries was recorded more than the number of infections with the Coronavirus was about two months ago, specifically on 12-27-2020, as the Ministry of Health recorded 159 confirmed new cases of Coronavirus, including 112 local cases registered among community members and 47 cases among returning travelers From abroad who are subject to quarantine.

While on the 26th of the same month, 169 new confirmed cases and 145 cases of the virus were cured, the day before that, the number of cases had exceeded the number of infections, with 129 cases recorded, compared to 138 cured.

The high number of patients recovering from patients is due to the measures taken by the State of Qatar and the cooperation of community members through the application of preventive measures, as Qatar has succeeded in limiting the spread of the virus since its outbreak last July.

The last month has witnessed a gradual and continuous increase in the number of new daily infections, and with the recent increase in the number of infections in Qatar, it is important for everyone to play their role in combating the virus by taking the following preventive measures:

o Adhere to the rules of physical distancing.

Avoid close contact with others, and avoid being in crowded and crowded indoor spaces.

o Wearing a muzzle.

o Wash hands with soap and water regularly.

The increase in cases of recovery in Qatar is a positive development in light of the efforts made by Qatar to limit the spread of the virus in the country, as it reveals the extent to which health institutions and hospitals in the country are prepared to deal with the crisis through the necessary health care, the quality of medical services provided and the level of care for cases infected with the virus in accordance with international health standards Which did not distinguish between a citizen and a resident, and was not based on a specific religion, gender, or race.