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His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the Gulf crisis was an exceptional situation for years past, indicating that the solution is a victory for the Gulf Cooperation Council.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, His Excellency added, “We have agreed on basic principles to overcome the current dispute and rules for governing state relations in the future,” explaining that the principles of the agreement are not to harm any state, interfere in its affairs, or threaten the security of the region.
Regarding Al-Jazeera and whether the agreement was dealt with, the Foreign Minister said: The issue of Al-Jazeera has not been raised, and it is an institution that we are proud of, its media professionals, and its presence in Qatar.

On the Iranian issue, His Excellency said that the GCC countries have different visions with Iran and we want solutions to reduce the escalation, and we are watching the escalation between America and Iran and our message to both parties is that we do not want escalation or military action.

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Regarding the publication of the Gulf reconciliation agreement (Al-Ula Agreement) or not, his Excellency said: It was not agreed to publish the statement, but it contains basic principles that have been clarified. The final statement of the summit and there is no embarrassment in it for any country.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the conditions of the 2017 crisis differ from the 2014 crisis and the rift is different, and therefore the understandings are different, and we are not about to have conditions from one country over another.

Regarding the steps that follow the Al-Ula agreement, His Excellency said: The steps are the return of relations to their pre-crisis normalcy by all parties, and we cannot say that this is a success for Qatar or Saudi Arabia or any other country, but rather a success for all.

He added: We consider what happened is reconciliation, and Saudi Arabia represented all parties, and everyone participated, and everyone took place .. saying: “We found a will from the parties to solve the crisis and it was through authorizing Saudi Arabia to represent the rest of the countries,” pointing out that the states parties are different in nature and thus dealing with it is different.

On the post-agreement and the return of relations, he said: There is no doubt that the process will take its time, but it is easier between peoples than the political aspects.