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 His Excellency Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, affirmed that the State of Qatar will continue to assist brotherly Lebanon, especially after an incident after the Beirut Port explosion, noting that the message of His Highness the Emir of the country that he conveyed to President Michel Aoun is a message of support to the people And he urged the national interest and the formation of the government, over personal and partisan interests.

His Excellency reiterated during a press conference after a meeting with His Excellency the Lebanese President Michel Aoun in Beirut that the State of Qatar will always be the first in supporting Lebanon to rise and get out of its crises, wishing the various political currents in Lebanon to give priority to the interest of the Lebanese people and to form a government as soon as possible.

His Excellency added that the formation of the Lebanese government is an internal matter, and we hope that the Lebanese interest will prevail over partisan interests, stressing that his country is ready to help, but we believe in the ability of political forces to solve internal affairs.

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His Excellency clarified that the State of Qatar will support any path that leads to the formation of the government in Lebanon, pointing out that “all the countries that we communicate with are directed to support the formation of the Lebanese government, as Lebanon is going through a difficult phase.”

The foreign minister denied any attempts to torpedo the French initiative in Lebanon, stressing that what Doha is doing is a continuation of the international efforts to end the political crisis in Lebanon and form a new Lebanese government.

In response to a question about financial support for Lebanon, His Excellency clarified that Qatar provides support in the form of economic programs, not cash support, and this matter requires the formation of a stable government and the development of an economic program that serves the Lebanese people and meets the Qatari conditions.