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 His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, affirmed that “Qatar is well prepared to prove to the world that it can host the 2022 World Cup, and do it in a distinctive way, and this is our plan already from the start.” He said that the World Cup in Qatar will be the first A happy event occurred after the new Corona epidemic and isolation, and that this constitutes a wonderful opportunity for the world.

His Excellency stressed, upon hosting the “Racina Dialogue” 2021, that Qatar, from the beginning, wanted to make sure, even with the continuing epidemic, of how it was able to host a successful World Cup with a physical presence so that people could attend and enjoy the event.

He said, “We have been negotiating and talking to vaccination producers about how to make sure that every person attending the World Cup is vaccinated. So at the moment, there are programs under development to provide vaccinations for all World Cup attendees, and we hope that we can host it as a virus-free event.” Corona / newcomer by the year 2022, and we also hope that the epidemic will begin to decline in the world and then disappear. “
He stressed that “one of the important elements that Qatar made is our commitment to the world. For example, Hamad International Airport has remained open to travelers wishing to cross, and Qatar Airways participated very actively in returning various citizens from different countries, and we also provided our support, especially in the early days when We faced these problems, in order to provide respirators, masks, etc., as there was a shortage of these materials in the markets. “

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He noted that Qatar’s support extended to nearly 50 countries, in addition to its active participation in the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) initiative, adding: “Therefore, we are trying to address these issues through views that address the issue at the global level, and through our response as a member. Responsible in the international community, to be responsible for our society, and to make sure that our health care system is resilient, and our economy can stand in the face of this crisis. “

His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the State of Qatar has made an effort to ensure that there is the least negative impact from this epidemic, and set its first priority in ensuring that “our health care system is flexible. Providing the utmost care that we can provide to the people through health care teams. “

He pointed out that the State of Qatar “has had the lowest death rate in the world, and this is due to making sure that we do not overburden the health care system, and that we always have enough rooms and spaces to admit people to the hospital as well as initiate early examinations and random sampling from different communities.” “.

He added, “We have done some packages to stimulate the economy like last year, where we started with a package of 20 billion US dollars for soft loans, some industry loans, energy fees, etc. They are waived by companies, and we also review these packages every six months.” Therefore, when such a package is needed, we do so. “

“The epidemic began when everyone started expecting that it will end by 2021, and that all events will return to normal. But not yet, we are still facing some mutated strains of the virus (Covid-19), which made it a bit difficult,” he said.

His Excellency added: “This epidemic remains a challenge so far, but I am sure that all countries responded this year differently from last year when they responded to the epidemic, and it was something new, because these countries have learned from previous mistakes.”

He explained that the good thing in the State of Qatar is, “We have not taken strict measures in the closures, but we have made sure that we are taking strict measures with regard to social distancing, and making people wear masks compulsorily, and we have strict rules for public places and gatherings.”

He said, “These measures made the State of Qatar maintain the numbers related to this epidemic. Also, random test samples gave us an opportunity to isolate infected people from healthy people.”
He explained that one of the main pillars of Qatar in the economy is liquefied natural gas, which, when compared to other traditional types of energy, is considered the cleanest fossil fuel source among those sources. He added, “Therefore, this is one of the tools that we use to make the world a better place for people, and it also leads to the purposes of climate change in order to have a more robust economy.”
His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs said, “The State of Qatar is financing development with the support of countries in need, which have been greatly affected by climate change, especially in small islands. For example, His Highness the Amir promised in 2019 to allocate one hundred million US dollars to the countries and small islands affected by the change.” Climate also We in the Qatar Investment Authority focus heavily on the impact of investment as the Qatar Investment Authority is part of the One Planet initiative.
He referred to the financing of the sovereign wealth fund, to face the difficulties of climate change and to have an impact on investment, and added: “Among the current examples in India are the investments that we have been very pleased with, such as investing in an energy company that we bought a share of, in order to make sure that it has been done. Using this money to convert coal plants into gas stations, as we hope to renewable energy sources, so our commitment with this energy company, which is part of the Andendy Group companies, is to make it in 2030 a clean energy company. This was the main purpose of this. Investment. “
 His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the State of Qatar has “another initiative that we are looking forward to in more than 10 countries in Africa. We are investing in partnership with one of our partners in Europe in the field of establishing new green energy stations or From renewable energy sources such as wind or solar energy. There is another project also through one of the companies in which the Qatar Investment Authority invests, and it is a project that mainly focuses on renewable energy. We have some projects in Latin America and the United States. “
“We in the State of Qatar have focused very much on investing at the local and global level, and we have built a very large solar power plant to generate our own energy,” he stressed.
His Excellency added, “We are one of the largest countries that possesses energy reserves and also one of the largest countries that have World Cup facilities. We believe that it will be a great opportunity for us when hosting the first carbon-free global event in Doha, and that all these commitments are always at the heart of our agenda.” .
Regarding peace in Afghanistan, His Excellency Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani emphasized, “The war that we are working to solve in Afghanistan is a war that has lasted for 40 years. We have worked to find a solution not only between the United States and (Taliban), but also between the coalition forces.” And “Taliban”.
He said, “Our goal from the beginning when we started hosting these talks between (the Taliban) and the United States, and between (Taliban) and the Afghan government is to bring about peace. Now with a difference with the government, it seems that achieving peace in Afghanistan as a whole country and obtaining sustainable peace is an order, from In the beginning, many challenges stand before him. “
He added, “We knew from the beginning that this would be very difficult and there would be many obstacles, so we are ready to overcome all the obstacles that occur. Frankly, when we looked at the recent period after the United States signed the agreement with the Taliban, there is some disturbance between the parties to the negotiations.” Now, it has become very difficult due to the announcement of the withdrawal and the withdrawal date was in fact May 1. So far, we have not made much progress regarding the peace process between the Afghans, and it will be the cornerstone of any peace now and in the future. “
His Excellency affirmed that the State of Qatar is looking forward to joint negotiations between Turkey, the United Nations and the State of Qatar in Istanbul, adding: “We hope in the next two weeks to push all Afghan parties to push this process forward, but we are still not sure of that. We will continue our discussion with the Taliban.” / With the Afghan government in order to reach a deal to reduce violence, at least, and in order to provide the appropriate environment and diversity in the forms of managing negotiations between them. We have not reached this stage, and we hope to achieve something like this in the next few days. “
On relations between the State of Qatar and India, His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that there is a strong basis for that relationship for most of the areas on which the common goals between the two countries are based, adding: “We have important Indian investments, and Qatar has important investments in India, and this continues. In the past three years, Qatar has achieved a lot and accelerated the pace of its progress in this field.
He said, “Continuing cooperation and consultation between the two countries is very important. Qatar sometimes has different opportunities to exert its good offices in mediation. India is also, given its position in the region, is also qualified, I think, to play this role. So I think the support of these two powers is very important.” To preserve the security an