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HE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani stressed the need to respect women’s rights in Afghanistan and urged the Taliban to take Qatar as a model for an Islamic country that gives women their full rights and enjoys effective participation in it.

His Excellency explained – during an exclusive interview with CNN about Qatar’s interest in women’s rights to put pressure on Afghanistan, especially that the Taliban’s policy with women for more than 30 years has been characterized by ignoring women’s rights and based on cruelty – that it is unacceptable for Qatar to see any mistreatment of women in Afghanistan .

The Minister of Foreign Affairs added that it is also not possible to tolerate seeing Afghanistan move into a breeding ground for terrorists and terrorist organizations.

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On women’s rights, His Excellency pointed out that Qatar defends women’s rights and urges the Taliban to take Qatar as a model for a Muslim country with an Islamic system that respects women’s rights.

His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister explained that the number of women participating in the government workforce is more than men, as well as in higher education, which also contains more women than men, pointing out that this is an example of an Islamic country that can progress with the effective participation of women.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed that there is nothing in the Islamic religion that prevents women from going to school or allowing them to stay at home only, stressing that this is not acceptable to the State of Qatar.

In another part of the interview, the foreign minister said that Qatar is happy to see progress and restoration return to the Gulf after the Al-Ula summit.

On the Iranian issue, His Excellency said: “We see that Iran is part of our region and Iran is our neighbour.”

His Excellency explained that Qatar always encourages all parties and all neighbors to engage together to achieve stability in the region by participating in dialogue and trying to agree at least on security principles that ensure that there are no problems that could face them and could lead to a deterioration of the security situation.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed that the Gulf states have long been a factor of stability in the region, and they must remain a factor of stability, and this will only happen through dialogue.