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The files targeting Qatar were recently reopened with the “Daily Mail” publishing two reports attacking Qatar and its policy in legislation and governance based on the provisions of the Islamic religion, accusing it of discriminating against women and criticizing Qatar’s rejection of the gay community, claiming that Qatar is not qualified to host the World Cup in light of the lack of Respect for human rights enshrined in FIFA laws.

Files such as: the rights of workers, women and homosexuals are reopened again and again, aiming for nothing but to discredit and attack Qatar, despite Qatar’s refusal of all the allegations contained in the aforementioned files, explaining Qatar’s position on it, and Qatar’s policy and preparations to host the World Cup.

Human rights files..a policy of interference in the internal affairs of countries

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The Western media’s policy of opening human rights files such as women’s rights and women’s liberation in Arab and Islamic countries is an old policy of its colonial policies to interfere in the internal affairs of countries.

America’s trump card in its invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was the women’s liberation card through the Western media’s reliance on unreliable testimonies of women who distort the teachings of Islam regarding Muslim women and translate them incorrectly, to transform wars and the compass of the media and public opinion as if they were wars for the liberation of women and for lofty goals, including supporting rights Human being, despite the existence of facts that prove the barbarism of Western countries in disrespecting women and the practice of physical and psychological torture on women and men.

As the files developed, new files were added to interfere in the affairs of Islamic countries, including gay rights. At the level of the Qatari reality, and with the Western media publishing reports that reflect the imagined reality of Qatar and not the real one, the exploitation of the World Cup file and internal files such as the rights of workers, women and homosexuals is only aimed at trying to shake the world’s confidence in Qatar, which has proven and continues to prove its support for human rights and its eligibility to host the World Cup.

America and Europe… the virtuous world?

The Western media does not hesitate to criticize Qatar and the Islamic and Arab countries, especially with regard to human rights, and exaggerate the allegations. What about the reality of human rights and freedoms in America and Europe? Are American and European cities copies of utopian cities whose constitutions and reality fully guarantee human rights?

With regard to women’s rights, a report of the European Union dated September 7, 2021 entitled: “Women’s Rights: Is gender equality a reality in Europe?”, indicated that inequality between women and men exists in the countries of the European Union, especially in the labor market in which women suffer from low wages. In the European Union, women earn 16% less than men.

Discrimination between women and men in education also persists, with fields of study for women in traditional roles such as caregivers still associated with a shortage of science and engineering fields.

Also, 33% of women in the European Union experience physical and sexual violence.

Women are least represented in leadership positions in various fields: politics, economics, science and research. Only 7.5% of women hold positions of board chairmen and 7.7% of CEO positions.

In an example of discrimination against women in the United States of America, the results of a study focusing on racism among African American women and their health justice in 2018, concluded: “Racism, African American Women, and Their Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Review of Historical and Contemporary Evidence.” and Implications for Health Equity” indicates the existence of discrimination and racist practices in health care services provided to African American women. 

In the British reality, and in an official report in 2018, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women presented a list of issues raised against the reality of women’s rights in Britain, including domestic violence, sexual violence, harassment in the workplace, hate crimes and human trafficking.

In its 2019 response to the report, the UK government said it was committed to reform, but no public consultations on the reforms took place at that time and the timeline for implementation remains unclear.

Regarding the gay reality, despite the existence of an EU law prohibiting discrimination, discrimination against LGBT people persists across the EU and takes various forms, including verbal abuse and physical violence. Some countries do not provide legal recognition of same-sex marriage, according to a 2020 European Union report. 

With reference to the above and to many reports and studies, it seems clear that the reality of human rights in the West is not ideal and the facts do not express full respect for human rights, as the laws of these countries are still undergoing experiment and change.

It is worth noting that homosexuality is rejected in Islamic law, as is rejected by other religions such as Christianity and Judaism.

The Western media turns a blind eye to such violations that occur locally and focuses on the internal affairs of Islamic countries and Qatar and portrays as if the law of the jungle rules in an attempt to discredit Qatar and prove its inability to host the World Cup and its lack of respect for human rights!

Is this really the reality?

Qatar .. reality speaks
accused of reports last two of the Daily Mail – and before them many reports – the Government of Qatar as the government interprets Islam extremist manner and laws unfairly become the victims of sexual violence to defendants and women receive the full rights and suffer discrimination in all walks of life and can not travel Without the consent of a guardian at the age of 25 and governed by male guardianship, they suffer discrimination in access to health care.

However, reality and statistics indicate the exact opposite. Rather, women in Qatar enjoy their full rights, unlike what women suffer from in European countries and America, as we mentioned earlier.

Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, earlier toured the World Cup facilities and spoke with workers


Qatar acceded on March 24, 2009 to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and the Qatari constitution affirmed the principle of equality before the law between all citizens in rights and duties, regardless of gender, in a manner that guarantees the protection of women from all forms of discrimination, allowing them to equal opportunities.

In response to what was mentioned in the “Daily Mail” report about the inability of Qatari women under the age of 25 to travel without the consent of the guardian, Law No. (5) of 2009 amending Passport Law No. 14 of 1993 abolished the condition of the guardian’s approval to issue a woman’s passport. And the condition of the guardian’s approval remained to issue a passport with incompetent or non-qualified persons.

Qatari women expressed their full enjoyment of their rights in response to a Human Rights report criticizing the reality of Qatari women, pointing out that there is discrimination that affects women’s independence in study, work and marriage.

Qatari women affirmed to the East in advance that the Qatari constitution protects all Qatari women’s rights, and stipulates equality among all citizens in public rights and duties, without discrimination. They pointed out that women have complete freedom of movement, shopping, buying and selling, education, driving and travel, and all their rights are preserved within the framework of Sharia, religion and law.

In a statement by the delegation of Qatar before the Third United Nations Committee of the United Nations General Assembly on the item “Advancement of Women” in 2019, which was made by Miss Hessa Al-Sulaiti, Qatar affirmed its continued interest and efforts to promote and protect women’s rights and empowerment, as Qatari women were able, thanks to those efforts, to: Playing a leading role in all aspects of public life, assuming ministerial positions, and engaging with distinction in the diplomatic corps and the judiciary.

She added that “in recent years, the percentage of women graduates of higher education in Qatar has increased to about 67%, and the percentage of girls’ enrollment in science, technology, engineering and medicine majors has increased, and women now occupy 52% of the Qatari labor market.”

A member of the delegation of the State of Qatar explained that the official statistical reports indicate that the representation of Qatari women in decision-making positions is 30%, and that the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the population policy 2017-2022 aim to raise this percentage while increasing the political representation of Qatari women.

In April 2021, two American experts observing Qatar’s situation in the issues of women and education criticized the unilateral proposal that came in a recent report by the international non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch, which tried to compare the Qatari case with regard to women’s rights to a reality that does not exist in the case of Qatar specifically.

They also indicated their agreement in Human Rights Watch’s call to support the cause of women and the expansion of freedoms and rights, but also the need not to generalize the Western view of personal rights in a way that collides with the cultural and societal frameworks specific to each country.

With regard to the reality of workers in Qatar, Qatar has refuted all the misleading allegations raised about the reality of workers and issued several laws that guarantee their rights, such as: the Law on Protection of Workers from Heat Stress, the minimum wage and the dismantling of the sponsorship system.

A previous tour of the FIFA President in a stadium under construction and make sure that the work goes on without harming the workers


The Government Communications Office issued several statements rejecting Amnesty International’s ongoing allegations about Qatar and the reality of its workers.

The spokesperson for the Government Communications Office said that the positive impact of labor reforms in Qatar is clear to everyone, noting that the vast majority of foreign nationals living and working in Qatar leave with a positive experience. Many stay in Qatar after their first decade and encourage friends and family to join them for similar opportunities, a better quality of life.

In September 2021, the European Parliament delegation confirmed Qatar’s progress in the field of workers’ rights care, and that it had worked to update a package of legislation concerned with their rights. 

Referring to what has been mentioned, Qatar, like any other country in the world, is working to improve conditions internally, and previous results and statistics have proven the size of the great development and improvement that Qatar has achieved over the past years in various fields.