Airlines All-In for #QatarWorldCup2022 Presence…

New airlines such as American Airlines are already planning to operate from New York to Doha from June 4th. It is trying to expand its network through its use of the Oneworld alliance it is in like Qatar Airways.

Lufthansa is also expanding its routes to Qatar, although it is currently confirmed that they are going to fly during the period the World Cup is taking place.

The airport is trying to focus on airlines such as Lufthansa as they’re only launching a temporal flight period, while if demand is enough for an extended period, or if the airport is offering a good enough deal for the airline, then Lufthansa might continue flying to Doha permanently.

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“There is no doubt that the World Cup has given the country great visibility,” Suri said. “These kinds of events leave an amazing legacy to the hosts for many of them becoming the springboard of their tourism development.

“We are already working in close coordination with Qatar Tourism and other stakeholders in the value chain to promote this new world-class tourism destination—and we are ready to welcome and support airlines and tour operators.”

The World Cup Is Going to Benefit The Region…

This move would also greatly benefit the region, as it would make the Gulf countries less reliant on their oil production, and could focus their shift to tourism, which is an already growing market that just needs a boost, and the FIFA World Cup is a great excuse for the region to use as a potential means to come there.

Qatar is also expecting the capacity levels to be around pre-pandemic when the summer hits, which means that the aviation market, and also the tourism industry, is going to have to work hard around that period if they want to keep up the same standards as they had before.

The move to connect other airlines to Doha would also greatly benefit Qatar, as mentioned before, other airlines from within the same alliance like Qatar Airways would greatly benefit from the possible connections Qatar offers and would also improve their position as an airline, earning more trust from the passengers.