Hamad International Airport initiative to nurture Qatari talent in aviation field

Officials of Hamad International Airport pose for a group photo at the launch of ENJAZ programme.

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Doha: Hamad International Airport (HIA) has launched ‘ENJAZ’ programme, a national talent development initiative created to grow and nurture Qatari talent by building their capabilities.

Qatar’s airport finds it imperative that national talent is identified and positioned in key areas to be future aviation leaders, growing in tandem with the growth of the country and its award-winning airport.

HIA’s ENJAZ programme heavily invests in the extensive training and development of nationals within the organisation through employee engagement and recognition practices to accelerate their careers.

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About 45 percent of the airport’s total learning and development budget is dedicated towards the training and development of HIA’s national workforce.

This investment plays a major role in encouraging the sustainable growth and development of Qatar’s airport.

Although nationals are already engaged in key positions in HIA, ENJAZ has been introduced to ensure that Qatar’s airport maintains its strong sense of national identity while working towards the vision set by the wise leadership of the country.

HIA has partnered with internationally recognised aviation associations and regulatory bodies, as well as high profile local and international educational institutions in order to provide development plans for national talent.

The ENJAZ programme will pave the way for Qatar’s airport to achieve some of its future strategic objectives such as the airport expansion and the diversification of HIA’s operations as Qatar gears up to host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The airport is growing exponentially due to the growth of its national carrier Qatar Airways as well as the tourism sector in Qatar.

To keep up with this growth, HIA is undertaking its massive multi-phased airport expansion project which will increase the airport’s capacity from 35 million passengers to more than 60 million passengers per annum while creating thousands of highly skilled job opportunities.

The airport’s commitment to achieving these essential objectives and growing in a sustainable manner depends on its strong focus on upskilling its national manpower through talent management and development, development programmes and employee motivation initiatives based on efficiency and job performance distinction.

Qatar’s airport is an integral part of Qatar’s National Vision 2030, as a key contributor to the diversification of the nation’s economy by increasing its capacity to handle international movements of people, goods, capital, knowledge and technology within the aviation industry.

As part of its commitment to build future capabilities through national talent developments, over the years HIA has cooperated with Qatar Civil Aviation Authority to provide more than one hundred job opportunities for graduates of the Qatar College of Aviation Sciences within various airport departments, from designing strategic plans to developing new competency skills commensurate with work requirements.

HIA has also been offering scholarships for nationals pursuing under-graduate degrees, masters’ degrees and engineering programmes.