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Dr. Soha Al-Bayat, Head of the Immunization Department at the Health Protection and Communicable Disease Control Department at the Ministry of Health revealed that the Pfizer vaccine against Corona, according to its manufacturers, gives immunity for a period of 6 months.

But she clarified – in an interview with Qatar TV this evening, Monday – that manufacturers are still monitoring this immunity in the clinical stages and found that the antibodies are still in those who got the vaccine after 6 months, and the duration of immunity (coverage period) may be a year or two.

Dr. Al-Bayat said that those who received the two doses of the Covid 19 vaccine will be given a “Covid 19 vaccine” vaccination card, officially sealed in Arabic and English, containing all the details on the date of the first and second dose, explaining that there is a “Sehha” website to copy and print the card if it is lost.

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The head of the vaccination department at the Ministry of Health revealed that the effectiveness of the vaccine card is the effectiveness of the vaccination itself, explaining that, for example, if Pfizer said that the period of coverage against Corona is for one year, this means that the vaccine card is also valid for a year.

She said that there is a high response from the community, who received the first dose of the Corona vaccine, to obtain the second dose, noting that these are the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and workers at the Ministry of Health on the front lines to combat Corona.

Al-Bayat added that there are cases of counting on the fingers that were two or three days behind the date of the second dose, because there are those who forgot the date, and this is normal, and there are some who had a high temperature or a patient, and we warned them in advance to postpone the date of getting the vaccine, but there are no ones completely behind. About receiving the second dose of the Covid 19 vaccine.

And she stressed that there is no liberation from the precautionary measures after taking the vaccine and the reason is that if we want to reach adequate immunity, 75% of the targeted people must receive the vaccine in order to achieve herd immunity, and this does not mean that there will be no infection or prevent it among people, but the strength of the virus is on The infection is weak because the majority of people have antibodies to protect them.

She added: From here until this is achieved, precautionary measures should not be left, and the vaccine is 95% effective, as it is possible that the person was from the 5% or 95% and did not have sufficient immunity to protect him with 100% of the disease.

We must take care of all the precautionary measures and said that before launching the vaccination campaign, and the world must reach high coverage in order to gradually ease restrictions, and we must wait for the precautionary measures to be eased.