Capsicum health benefits – why you should eat more of them

Capsicum is an amazingly diverse herb that can be used in everyday life. Capsicum health benefits include pain relief (both topical and when ingested), indigestion relief, itch relief, relief for muscle pains, headache relief, and sinus fever relief. What one herb could be so diverse, you ask? It’s an everyday household commodity; you probably have it in your kitchen right now. Capsicum is the fruit of the capsicum plant, and it is harvested to make chili powder. That’s right, that chili powder that you have in your herb cabinet has some pretty amazing uses. Below we’re going to dissect each of the many capsicum health benefits one-by-one.

First up, capsicum can be used as a topical pain and itch reliever. For people who have problems with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, diabetic nerve pain, or fibromyalgia, applying red chili powder to the infected area can relieve the pain and/or itchiness. This happens because the capsicum plant contains a chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin naturally relieves pain at the sight of the contact.

Secondly, capsicum can improve indigestion and other digestion tract ailments. Consuming red capsicums or red chili powder can relieve an upset stomach, stomach discomfort, and cramps. It can also tamper down intestinal gas and diarrhea. In limited studies, capsicum has been shown to reduce stomach ulcers in people who consumed some form of red chilies (whether through chili powder, curry powder, chili sauce, or foods containing chilies) at least 28 times per month, compared to people who consumed capsicum only 8 times per month. Studies have also shown that people who take a capsicum pill before each meal are less likely to suffer from heartburn than people who don’t.

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Thirdly, capsicum may improve heart health. Capsicum health benefits include improved blood flow and circulation which can reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes. Capsicum can combat poor circulation and excessive blood clotting, both of which are very important when trying to control high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other serious heart diseases.

There are many capsicum health benefits. It can relieve small conditions like aches, pains, and itching. Capsicums can improve indigestion and cure other ailments and discomforts of the digestion, including heartburn, ulcers, cramps, gassiness, and an upset stomach. Capsicum can also relieve more serious conditions such as, heart, blood flow, and circulation conditions. It’s amazing how such a common household item can have so many diverse health benefits.