If you think the way you’ve always thought, you will always get the same result of the thoughts you’ve been thinking. Does that sound like a reasonable statement? Of course it does! But why should you be interested in the thoughts you think when it comes to creative and effective weight loss? Because we become what we think about most.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction? Using this concept, you attract into your world that which you think about the most. And, the more you think about a topic, the more you start to do things in alignment with that focus. Understanding this idea, think about your weight loss goals.

If you believe that mindlessly eating popcorn while watching a movie improves your movie watching satisfaction levels, then it will be difficult for you to change that chain of thought. Why? Because wanting to relax and entertain yourself sometimes is a reasonable expectation. You are doing good things by relaxing and virtually everyone relaxes while they feel entertained.

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However, what does eating popcorn have to do with improving feeling satisfied watching a movie? If you really logically think about this idea, you’ll discover that eating food has nothing to do with improving the enjoyment of hearing a recorded story. If this is true, then why eat the popcorn? Ask yourself some simple questions and you’ll soon discover some interesting answers:

What’s the main reason you eat food while watching TV or a movie at a theater?

Do you eat food while watching TV or a movie because the masses do it?

Do you eat while being entertained because your parents did it?

Do you mindlessly eat food during TV or movie entertainment simply because you can?

In case you didn’t know this, the practical reason to eat food is to refuel your body. That’s it. If you eat food for any other reason, it is a learned behavior. And, it may be contributing to sabotaging your weight loss goals.

If you are eating food as a way of entertaining yourself, or because you watch commercials that have asked you to believe eating food is a way you comfort yourself, then that’s what is true for you. But ask yourself this question…what’s so uncomfortable in your world that you need comfort from it?

If you are eating food when you feel upset about something using it as a way to ‘cope’ with the upset, you are actually running away from the upset. In reality, when you cope with something, you find a way to work with it and improve things. If you gain weight by eating food when you feel no actual physical hunger prompt, you are probably OVEReating.

Overeating does nothing to help you lose weight. It adds weight. If you need to feel emotional comfort, linking food to transforming emotional feelings to more acceptable ones is like mixing oil with water. There IS no link to feeling emotional comforted by eating food. You feel emotional comfort by confronting and resolving an issue.

Food has no part in the process of feeling emotionally better about anything. But changing your thoughts does. And then changing your behavior using those different thoughts does help improve things for you.

Almost anytime you express a strong emotion, you activate a natural and normal nervous system phenomenon. Without this ability to focus and concentrate you would be unable to live without the help of others. So, it’s a good thing you can focus and concentrate. By focusing and concentrating on one idea, you are also able to achieve goals like effective weight loss. Do you know what the name of this natural and normal nervous system focus and concentration phenomenon is called? It’s called hypnosis.

When you hypnotize yourself and then tell yourself an idea to believe, you can either sabotage your life or succeed at moving forward and living the life of your dreams. By using hypnosis you can suggest how to successfully lose weight, stop smoking or attract wonderful people into your life. Or, you can achieve many other goals in life.

I encourage you to learn how to use hypnosis to your benefit. Intentionally using hypnosis to think clearly and achieve desired goals, you can live an amazing life…if you like that kind of thing!

By Theresa Morris