Real Honey or Fake Honey – how to check the purity of honey?

Most of the people buy organic honey, but the question is – do you know that there are real honey and fake honey? Without checking its purity, it will be difficult to notice whether the honey is really honey or not. In this article you will read the differences between real honey and fake honey.

You can notice the differences between real and fake honey with the physical qualities of the honey.

Fake honey properties:

      • Foams
      • Has a sour smell or does not smell at all
      • Runny, drips easily
      • Has a rough texture and clumps
      • Separates into layers

Real honey properties:

      • Does not foam
      • Trickles in a stream and is always thick
      • It has a soft texture
      • Has the usual honey aroma
      • Does not separate in layers

What is fake honey?

It is also called adulterated impure or artificial honey, because sugar syrups, molasses, corn syrup and other flavors and additives are added in this honey. GHgeochem, has run some tests which showed: “If pure honey has been adulterated with corn syrup, the isotope ratio will fall some way between the two values and hence adulteration will have been proved.” This clearly shows that the most of the “pure” honey products you buy have corn syrup added to them.

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Fake honey is not healthy. This is because during the manufacturing process, the honey loses its quality and nutrients. The honey industry utilizes ultrafiltration methods, in order to prevent the tracing of the Geo source of the honey. According to Professor Vaughn Bryant, 75% of the honey in the stores doesn’t contain pollen.

Pure honey is organic honey, is not produced in factories. It is very difficult to find real organic honey on the market even though a lot of brands claim that their honey is real or organic honey.

Checking the honey purity at home:

Most of the producers, will dilute honey with sugar syrup and molasses in order to double the profit. To make it thicker, they also utilize ground chalk, flour, sawdust and sand. In order to check the purity of honey, here is what to do:

Thumb and water test:

  • Just put some honey on your thumb, and check if it sticks or spills. The real honey should be sticky.
  • Fill a glass with water, Add one tablespoon of honey into the glass. Fake honey will dissolve fast and the real honey drops to the bottom.

Real honey is flammable. Place a dry match in the honey and then you should try to light it. The honey is real, if the match is lightening up easily. If the match cannot burn, then the honey is not pure and consists of impurities and water.

Read this article carefully so that you can recognize which honey is organic and which one is industrial.