Treatment of Obesity by Apples of Research studies in Washington University of the United States indicate that eating an apple a day prevents people from obesity.

The results of the study published in the Journal of Food Chemistry indicate that eating at least an apple a day is a good factor in controlling appetite.

“Apples contain beneficial bacteria needed in stomach and this can cause people feel full and refrain from eating more food” researchers state.

According to them apples contain indigestible compounds such as fiber and polyphenols that are not broken down by gastric acid and this fact causes people feel full. Fibers and polyphenols are fermented in intestines and these chemical interactions help the beneficial bacteria of the intestines.

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In this project researchers fed the mice with various kinds of apples to find out which ones produce more beneficial bacteria in stomach. Many of the other researchers have also declared that the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria of the stomach in fat people is disturbed. Therefore, the metabolic power in intestines decreases in fat people and they feel more hungry compared to others.

Moreover, the researchers found out that the fat mice lost weight after a specific period of time eating apples. The results of this study are significant for treatment of obesity-induced diseases and their complications.