What Can Your Nails Tell About Your Character

This is a test that can tell a lot about you. Everything is simple.
Look at your nails and try to spot their shape – the image below will be helpful.

If you cannot find your type, choose the one that most resembles yours.

1) Long nails, rectangular shape
If you have these nails you are probably very social and communicative person, who among other things, has a sharp mind.

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You find satisfaction in new friends and look forward to a new experience. Moreover, you are always trying to expand your horizons.

When it comes to a job, your main motto is: “Measure it three times, cut it once.”

You study the issue from all perspectives, and choose the optimal solution. It is important to think about it all, to the smallest detail.

2) Wide, flat nails
You are a person with a clear mind, who analyzes everything and everyone. You think before you speak, and people who often turn to for advice, listen carefully to your opinions.

You understand the character of the people well, and they can always rely on your instincts.

You always like to create something new, knowing that work will definitely pay off later. First of all you are interested in convenience and utility, because you love discovering smart solutions to complex problems.

3.) Short, round nails
There is a great chance that you are energetic, creative person with (possibly hidden) talents.

You are radiating with joy and positive attitude, therefore people are happy to contact with you.

You remain faithful to a new friend all your life, and are doing everything to protect the people you love.

There are several things that you love most in the world. You have adventurous spirit, and if you imagine something, you will not step down until you get what you want.

Someone says you’re a little stubborn, but you know what you want!

4) Uneven and short nails

Is it possible that your nails are uneven because they you often bite them? Then you are probably a very sensitive and insightful person.

You cultivate existing relationships with people, and carefully thinking about new friends. Those like you are responsible for the saying: “Still waters run deep.”

You can look calm from the outside, and you can experience a storm of emotions inside. Your friends know that you tell nothing but the truth, even if it is bitter.

5) Large, rectangular nails
You’re very valuable person and a born leader that approaches all the work with great responsibility.

You are entrusted with important meetings, because they all know they can count on you. When you’re doing something – you do it properly.

However, you are not only persistent and hard- working, you are a positive person who loves good company.

6) Triangular Nails
You are brave and determined person who always knows what she/ he wants. You accept every single task passionately.

When it comes to business, your motto is: “Work with ease, do not spend a lot of effort,” since you always think about the work, before you start.

Your hard work always pays off, and looks great in the end.

7) Oval and long nails

If your nails are oval in shape, then you are probably a creative person. You have a good imagination, and you’re lucky if you are surrounded by beautiful things. People defer to you, especially when they experience a raging ocean of emotion, in order to find a port in your quiet harbor.

Some say that you are taking on too much, but in fact, the work makes you happy, especially when benefiting others.

This means that you are a real person, who avoids the word “normal” as a kind of plague. You always find innovative solutions.

Your motto is: “If you work- you work, if you rest – then you rest.” You know how to be happy, and whatever you do, you never get bored.

Note: Remember that each person is unique and original, and this is simply a sweet attempt at classification.