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There is no talk today except about Afghanistan, there is no fear except from Afghanistan, and there is no political initiative except for Afghanistan. It is expected, with events accelerating their course, as history is being written anew, in an old format dating back more than 20 years.

When the world viewed the Afghanistan crisis as a passing political event preceded by greater interest in climate change, the raging election struggle in Europe between the right and the left, the American elections, the Renaissance Dam crisis, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Qatar was running rounds of negotiations between the parties to the Afghan conflict, and previous rounds between the American side and the Taliban movement .

The world was looking at the negotiations taking place in Doha as the culmination of direct sitting between the factions and the Afghan government, after years of continuous and arduous steps and efforts of the State of Qatar, which culminated in the success achieved by Qatari diplomacy through the Afghanistan peace track and the previous rounds that led to the Doha agreement. February 29, 2019 between the Taliban and the United States of America.

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It is not easy for the Taliban and Washington to sit face to face in view of the raging historical conflict between the movement and America. However, since the beginning of the mediation, the Afghan and American parties have accepted the Qatari efforts, as they considered it an honest mediator without agendas, and this was confirmed by Afghan and Taliban statements that Qatari mediation has no agendas and Qatar did not seek Except to reconcile the hearts of Afghans and that the presence of a Taliban office in Doha opened the way for direct negotiations and a political settlement between all parties.

These negotiations sponsored by Doha, and with the recognition of experts and politicians, were able to save Afghanistan from a bloodbath and bloody conflicts that go back in the country to decades of war that claimed the lives of thousands of Afghan civilians. The Qatari alternative was to reach a comprehensive political settlement that achieves a peaceful transfer of power, and preserves the gains made by the Afghan people. And draw the features of stability and desired peace in Afghanistan.

Qatar makes the event to arrange the situation in Afghanistan

Here, John Rivenblad, adviser on Middle East affairs at the US Council on Foreign Relations, says that the State of Qatar has become an international diplomatic destination to arrange the situation in Afghanistan, praising Doha’s “distinguished” relations with various active countries in the world, which made it enjoy international recognition.

Speaking to Al-Sharq, John Rivenblad said, “Qatar, as usual, is at the heart of the events related to Afghanistan,” pointing to the importance of efforts made by Doha for more than ten years in supporting and hosting the Afghan talks.

He added that Qatar’s efforts “are appreciated by all parties, led by the Taliban, with whom a clear positive relationship has developed over the years.”

He expressed the United States’ gratitude for Qatar’s role in this aspect, stating that “Washington was the one who primarily requested the recruitment of the movement’s elements and the opening of offices for them in Qatar in order to represent them negotiating with the international community, especially in light of European non-negotiating policies with terrorism.”

And he indicated that “Qatar not only has distinguished relations with the Taliban and Washington, making it a destination for international diplomacy to inspect the developments of the Afghan scene and meet with their representatives, or a major station in all diplomatic tours to discuss the future of power, but in general, it has distinguished relations with various active countries in a large extent in recent years.” .

He added that Qatar “has developed distinguished relations with Pakistan, India and Iran, and has close relations with Russia and China, and is appreciated by all international players in the Afghan scene.”