Are you looking for a guide on how to convert a family visit visa to a residence visa in Qatar? You’re in luck because all you need to know is right here.

This is the current process/documents required to apply for a family visa:

1. Get a salary letter from employer – salary overall to be minimum 10000 QAR.

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2. Company NOC dated within the last 3 months.

3. Copy of your passport and RP card page (carry original RP card for verification).

4. Copy of your education certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of your country and Qatar embassy in your country. They may also demand for Arabic translation attested by MOFA of your country and Qatar embassy in your country. If it’s not in English then translation is a must.

5. Wife’s and kid’s passport copies.

6. Marriage Certificate attested by MOFA of your country and Qatar embassy in your country. If it’s not in English then translation must be attested by MOFA and Qatar embassy in your country.

7. Child(s) Birth Certificate(s) attested by MOFA and Qatar embassy in your country. If it’s not in English then translation must be attested by MOFA and Qatar embassy in your country.

8. Rent agreement duly attested by the municipality (municipality shall require another set of documents like copy of the title, copy of owner QID, layout, etc. for stamping)

9. Six months bank statement mandatory for private firms stamped by a bank official (Some banks charge for that stamp)

10. Job Contract letter signed by both parties and stamped by the Ministry of Labor. This will be done by your company so no need to worry about that.

Here’s the complete process [Note: It’s a lengthy process, be patient

1. Extend current family visit visa for a maximum period of 6 months – Go to Medical commission with the entry visas and get the medical done. The receipt will say “Visa Extension”. You will be charged QAR 100, Normally for kids, they don’t do medical they will just charge 100 QAR per kids and add in the report as fit.

2. After 2 days, check the status on this medical commission website. The result should say fit.

3. Go to the immigration office with the original passports and visa copies to extend family visit visas for a maximum period (up to 6 months). It’s always better to go between 6 am to 9 am to extend family visit visas.

4. Prepare all the documents as mentioned in above points 1-10 and go to Immigration office Gate 3 (located in Madinat Khalifa/Gharaffa). Submit all the documents. It’s always better to go between 6 am to 9 am.

After 4 days, check on the MOI website for the status. Initially, the application status will appear as ‘Application is under review’ and when the application is accepted, the status will be updated to ‘Under Process’ without an expiry date.

Then the status will again be changed to ‘Under Process’ with an expiry date. Finally, the application status is updated to ‘Ready to Print’. Usually, this whole process takes 4 to 6 working days and sometimes 15 to 20 days.

5. Once the status is ‘Ready to print’, go to the Immigration office again at Gate 1 with the document submission receipt.

6. You will be charged QAR 200 for printing each residence entry visa copies and QAR 500 for converting current visit visa status to residence entry visa status without exiting & re-entering Qatar (you can choose to get visa by exiting to avoid QAR 500). This process is very important as few people thinks that they already got family residence visa approvals from MOI and they are safe for the next 3 months, which is not right unless you complete the transfer process by paying QR 500 you will be charged QR 200 fine from the date of expiry of current family visit visas & until you complete this process and hence please ensure you convert visa status quickly by paying QR 500 to avoid hefty fines.

7. Go to Medical commission and present the paper visa and tell them you need to do a medical to convert current family visit visa to residence visa. There’s no need to take your family with you as no medical check-up will be done again (If they are inside country with extended family visit visa and after completing medical test). If they exit and enter medical test need to repeat again for your family.

You will be charged QAR 100 again and the receipt will mention the purpose as ‘Residence / Work visa’. Go to counter 64 where the officer will update his system so that the medical data will be sent to finger print office.

8. Go to the finger printing office at Mesaimer with all your receipts and get the finger prints done. Make sure to collect the finger print receipt.

9. After 4 days, go to Immigration office Gate 2 with all the documents and passport size photographs. If you forgot to get the finger print receipt then you will be directed to fill an application form. There is a counter available in Gate 2 where a person will help you fill out the form in Arabic and give you instructions.

Also, make sure to have a blood group report with you of your wife from any medical clinic/hospital in Qatar. You will be charged QAR 500 for one year RP. An eye scan will be required so make sure to take your wife along with you. Be at the office 6am – 9am.

Hopefully this info will help whoever is planning to convert their visit visa to residence permit.

Fans experiences:

I have summarize below the procedures and requirements in processing your family resident Visa.  The following are only based on our own and some of our friends experiences.  If you know any  additional information that may be of help to our fellow friends, please feel free to comment below.

Note: If you have not subscribed yet in Metrash, it is advisable that you subscribe first in metrash with MOI (No Charge), so that you will get SMS alert regarding the Visa status application.

Subscribe for Metrash2  just in two steps. 

1. If you are not subscribed for normal Metrash service, subscribe for it on MoI website, click here for more info.

2. Send an SMS from your Metrash subscribed mobile to 92992 with following format M2R

You will receive an SMS with download link and two part activation code. download the link, enter the activation code choose your password and enjoy the services on your mobile.

1. Obtain a New Family Visa Form directly from MOI- Madinat Khalifa Immigration Department. The timings are 8am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm, Sundays to Thursdays,  or you may download it from here. Some  people say that family visa is usually done in the morning.

2. Have the application form filled up by a typist in Arabic.  There are Arabic Typing Centers at Souq Waqif opposite the Police Station. They usually charge QR5 to QR10.

3. Request your Employer/Sponsor to affix his signature and seal at the last page of the form.  Then have it signed by yourself. You will also need the Computer Card from your Sponsor and you Employment Contract with Labor Department Seal.

4. Submit the application form with the following required documents (prepare 3 photocopies and original):

a.) Letter from your employer/sponsor outlining your position and salary. If company is providing you the accommodation, it must be stated in the letter. – (It should be written in Arabic and address to Ministry of Immigration. Contact your Company PRO.)

NOTE: The minimum salary requirement for family visa is QAR10,000 per month.  If you work for a government agency, the letter outlining your salary and position must be approved by the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Housing.

b.) Copy of your Passport and  Work Visa Page or Qatar ID (Pataka)

c.) Copy of your Family’s (wife and/or children) Passport

d.) Six months Bank statement (reflecting your monthly salary of at least QAR10,000)

e.) Attested Marriage Certificate (if applying for wife) – See Attestation details below

f.) Attested child/children Birth Certificates (if applying for children)  – See Attestation details below

g.) Copy of your Attested Education Certificate / Academic Qualification  /Diploma  – See Attestation details below

h.) Kharamaa bill in your name

i.) House Contract in your name (properly stamped with Baladiya) – It is the responsibility of the House Owner to have the contract stamped by Baladiya however if they require you to do it, you may have no choice as it is an important requirement now. This will be attested on Doha Municipality (Baladiya) near HSBC in C-Ring Road corner Al Saad Road. You need the following for attestation. Tenancy Contract (3 copies and original), your ID and the Land Owner’s ID, Authorization Letter from the Owner to attest the Contract, Title of the Land and fill the application form which is available in Baladiya. You will be asked to pay 1% of your annual rent.

But, if you are in a sub-lease house, you will need the following requirements:

1. Tenancy contract between 1st party (Owner) & 2nd party (Your Landlord – either company or individual). (make 3 copies of this)

2. ID of 1st party

3. ID of 2nd & 3rd party (you are the 3rd party)

4. Authorization letter from 1st party that he is allowing 2nd party to sub-lease the property

5. Title of land

6. If the 1st party is also the 2nd party (company owned by 1st party):

6.1 copy of commercial record

6.2 copy of commercial permit

6.3 copy of authorized signatory card

4. Now your application must be complete and ready for submission. Go to Immigration Department in Madinat Khalifa Area, Building No. 4, First Floor.

After submitting the Visa application, do not forget that you will be given a receipt with application number.  You may track the status through MOI Website.

5. Click on the second radio button and enter the application number and Your QID.

6. The status will be “The Request accepted” means same day you will get SMS from MOI with visa application no.  If “The Request refused” go to Labour Department and check for the reason and comply with the requirement.


a) In case the reason is not mentioned, then request for an appointment (with captain) to know the reason.  Go with full preparation along with all submitted documents (copy) and original.

b) Ask the reason for rejection, normally the captain will ask you some question just i.e what is your job/ Salary/ Nature of Company (They want some clarification from the submitted application. Check the status in same above mol link. It will be approved.

7. Once you received SMS with visa application no. Then, you may track the status through MOI Website click on “Visa approval tracking”  Enter your visa no (Received in SMS) and ID No.

8. Once your received an SMS “Visa ready to Delivery” or “Ready for printing” status in the moi website, go to Immigration Office with the Online print (Visa Ready for printing-it’s not compulsory) and original passport of the applicants and your ID. No application is required here.

9. Pay the amount (QR200) and get the family visa.  Now you can send this visa to your wife & children (to home country). They can arrive based on this visa.

If your wife is already here (Qatar) in visit visa, you may request to convert the family visit visa to familyresident visa by paying additional QR 500 and they will affix a sticker in passport (No need to exit from Qatar). You can do this same time when you are getting the family visa.

For Attestation:

The following attestations are required on the Original Documents:

1. DFA Authentication (Red Ribbon) – DFA Authentication Division’s New Address is at DFA-OCA Building Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, Parañaque City. You shall proceed to the Department of Foreign Affairs Authentication Division to authenticate the document with red ribbon (processing fee Php100per document  for regular processing of 5 days and Php200 for rush processing of 2 days)

2. Philippine Embassy in Qatar – You have to bring the documents to the Philippine Embassy in Qatar for notary and authentication (QAR100.00 fee)

3. At the end – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Qatar – Then go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) at C Ring Road opposite Gulf Cinema  for attestation (QAR20 per document they only accept debit/credit cards)

In the Philippines:

1. When you now have an Visa Notice for your family, which is by default valid for 3 months only, you may send the printed Visa Notice  to your family in the Philippines or provide them the Visa number and they can print copies from here

2. Dependent who is above 18 yrs old should take Medical Exam in any Qatar authorized Medical Testing. You may find the list of Approved Qatar Medical Centers or Clinics here. Children under 18 years of age are not required for the Medical Exam.

3. Then, the following documents need to be submitted personally to the Qatar Embassy for Visa Stamping. The new address and contact numbers of the Qatar Embassy are:

Qatar Embassy Manila, Philippines

Block 4 lot 6 Santiago Street Paseo de Magallanes, Magallanes Village, Makati City

Telephone: 856-6666/ 856-1222/ 856-1444*

856-1999/ 856-2444*


Embassy Office Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Filings: Monday to Friday between 9 am-10 am only.

-Releasing: On the third (3rd) working day from the date of filing between 2 pm-4 pm.

* Please be informed that effective June 3, 2013, the Consular Section will no longer be receiving Cash Payments.

They will only accept ATM (Debit) Card and Credit Card payments (MASTER CARD & VISA CARD) for all visa and authentication-related transactions.

Please prepare the original and photocopies of the following and make sure all documents are valid and not expired.

  • Application form
  • Visa Notice
  • Original Passport (must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel)
  • Medical Certificate (fit to travel) issued only by an accredited clinic by the Qatar Embassy – see above for list; (children ages 11 years old and below are exempted from the medical requirement)
  • 2 pcs 2×2 size colored photos with a white background
  • Processing Fee (Php358.97)

Submit these requirements at the Qatar Embassy in Manila with the address above. You need to submit them personally. Should you need a representative to process them for you, you can send an authorization letter of your representative and copies of your valid IDs and his valid IDs.

When they arrived in Qatar:

10. Your wife/children must first obtain a blood-type certificate from any clinic before undergoing the Medical Commission exam.  Then, take your wife/children to Medical Commission (Abu Hamour) with the following documents (Original passport, Visa copy, and QAR 100).  No application is required here. Please note that the medical exam should be done within seven (7) days from the date of their arrival in Qatar.

The medical exam comprises a blood test and a chest X-ray. Diseases being screened for include:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Note: For Family Visit Visa to Family Resident Visa –Mention this conversion in the registration counter.  You will need to pay QAR500 per family member and QAR400 for babies.

11. You will then get an SMS alert from me trash that the medical is ok. Then check from the MOI website and click on “RP application tracking and Printing” and enter Visa No. and ID No. you will get a form from the above website where you will need to fill out some supplementary data.

12. After completing the medical test, adults are required to register their fingerprints digitally with the MOI. The fingerprinting headquarters is located on Salwa Road off the Industrial Area flyover. Other service centers are located in:

  • Al Khor
  • Member
  • Duhail
  • Al Shamal
  • Industrial Area (near Nissan roundabout)

Proceed for finger print (Abu Hamour) with a printout from the website after medical approval (they just need the visa number. To be on the safer side, you may bring your Visa copy, ID, and Original Passport).

13. You will then get an SMS alert (Fingerprint ok), then proceed to immigration with the following (Printout of the form from MOI website duly filled, after medical approval, Copy of ID and passport of sponsor) QR 500, if you are applying residency for one year and the same amount for every additional year and get the RP card by paying the required amount.