How To Get A Residence Permit In Qatar

If your plan is to go and work in Qatar, you will require a valid Residence Permit (RP). this may enable you to be able to sign a rental agreement, pay your fines, rent a car, and formally establish yourself. The RP may be a rectangular-shaped stiff card that has your image, name, date of birth, and your 11-digit ID range. it’ll conjointly specify your status and occupation. Residence Permits area unit issued by the State of Qatar Ministry of Interior.

How to Get a Residence Permit in

How to Get a Residence Permit in Qatar

Who Will Need An RP In Qatar

Everyone living in Qatar, from infants to the senior, wants a Residence Permit. Non-residents and tourists will keep within the country for as long as their visa permits, however might not work or keep on the far side that amount while not an RP.

How To Apply For An RP In Qatar
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The good news regarding the RP is that employers handle the majority of the work. Once you’ve got found an employer that’s primarily based in Qatar and needs to rent you, they start the work to become your sponsor. Once the method is afoot, you may have to be compelled to visit Qatar as a result of the work that should be completed with you within the country. it’s important that you just don’t leave the country till the method is completed. You will enter Qatar on a single-entry visa and complete the desired steps once you arrive. you may conjointly got to take a biopsy to visualize for communicable diseases, have a chest x-ray, and supply fingerprints. it’s necessary to understand that if you’re found to be positive for HIV, you may be denied AN RP and deported. Although your employer handles the majority of the method, make sure to substantiate with all the steps that you just ought to be handling on your finish. the method of obtaining a Residence Permit typically takes between 2 to four weeks, however, it will take longer. Once you (or the utilized person) get the RP, then you (or they) will sponsor your family to measure in Qatar.

Requirements For A Residence Permit In Qatar

The main demand for obtaining a Residence Permit is associate employment agreement from a Qatari employer. Besides that, you may would like your original passport (and copies), four passport-sized photos, and no matter your employer asks you to supply (attested academic documents, wedding certificate, and so on). Your best bet is to follow your employer’s lead. Residence Permits value QR 1,000 each year.

What Is Residence Permits Used For In Qatar

You should carry your RP with you in the least times as a result of, if you’re asked for it, you need to be able to offer it. you may would like a Residence Permit for many reasons, such as:

  • Identifying yourself in government offices
  • Renting an automobile
  • Opening a checking account
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Applying for a loan
Temporary Residence Permit In Qatar

When you initially arrive in Qatar, you’ll enter the country on a temporary visa that your employer will have organized. Once you’re within the country you may complete the steps to convert that into a Residence Permit. Keep a gentle communication together with your employer to form positive they need everything they have, as this can avoid delays and keep you within the loop.

What To Implement If You Lose Your Residence Permit In Qatar

If you lose your Residence Permit, attend a branch of the Ministry of the inside together with your passport and a fee of QR two hundred. you may get to fill out a lost ID kind and be issued a replacement card. to form things easier, take care to form a replica of your RP once you grasp it.