Israel assassinates the children of Gaza, and the organization goes blind

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Doha – Al Sharq website 

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Since the humanitarian crisis that the Israeli occupation invented to expel the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, through the events of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and the attacks on it and its sanctity in the holy month of Ramadan, and even the occupation’s crimes of killing children and women in the Gaza Strip and killing Palestinians on identity within the Green Line, the organization has not issued Human Rights Watch is a meager statement in which it also criticized the resistance’s rockets, claiming that they put tens of thousands of Israeli civilians at risk.

Observers are surprised at the state of the human rights organization, which it perceives as the only one that possesses facts about human rights in the world, especially in the Arab world, and creates crises with governments and societies and clashes with their customs and traditions just to cause media bubbles, with false statements .. As for the real human rights test for the organization that cracks our heads at night. A day with human rights data, we found nothing but a meager statement that mentions the events of the Sheikh al-Jarrah neighborhood in only two lines, just two lines to direct the blame of shame on the occupation, and it is clear that it practically apologizes to the murderer for issuing the statement during the same statement blaming the resistance and the victim for defending themselves.

Whereas if the matter was related to Arab customs and traditions, we could have read long petitions and a series of lies in the form of lectures on human rights, which the organization knows more than others that are protected by our traditions, our heritage and our true religion, as a statement about Qatari women or about punishing students in schools .. But expelling people From their homes, the occupation policies of displacement and violence against the Palestinian population and obtaining their properties by force. They are included in the human rights approach from the least concerned section on the scale of the organization.

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Human Rights Watch says that the rockets that Palestinian armed groups indiscriminately fire at Israeli residential centers endanger the lives, homes and properties of tens of thousands of Israeli civilians, considering that these attacks are unjustified and constitute war crimes, as it has documented.

On the other hand, it considers that Israel’s use of explosive weapons with widespread effect in densely populated Gaza and on a people who have lived in an open prison for 14 years inevitably leads to civilian casualties, and the number of Palestinian deaths is very worrying.

Resistance rockets, according to Human Rights Watch, are a war crime. As for blowing up children in Eid clothes and killing them in Gaza, it is just a matter of concern, and dropping houses on their residents, including the safe and the women, this is normal and not a war crime, as if the Israeli occupation is dropping roses on Gaza in exchange for the resistance rockets that have not been fired. Except to defend the policies of displacement, abuse and racism that it is practicing and is still practicing against the Palestinians and their sanctities, especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The crimes of the Israeli occupation are still being committed every minute before the eyes of the human rights organization and the world in Gaza and within the Green Line, in a way that does not amount to war crimes and in the true and internationally recognized sense of war crimes and cleansing … But the organization is on the silent and it seems now more than ever concerned with the local files that It raises controversy and is not at the heart of its work.