Residence Permit for Foreign Workers in Qatar

Any foreign national that will be working in Qatar will need the Work Residence Permit which is basically a work and residence permit combined.  The Qatar RP must be applied for by the employer in Qatar (whether a domestic company or a branch of a foreign corporation).  It is valid for one year and can be renewed annually inside of Qatar.


Immigration and Work Visa Requirements in Qatar

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The Primary RP requirement is that the employer is a legal corporate entity in Qatar.  If your company is not yet established in Qatar with a local entity, then you will need to use a GEO employer of record to assign staff.  The Qatar employer must submit the employment contract and all other documents for the overseas worker.

Other requirements include a medical check to test for hepatitis and HIV, which can be grounds for denial of tested positive.

Qatar Work Visa Processing Time

The ex-pat worker may enter Qatar on a temporary Entry visa from their employer prior to beginning work, which can be picked up on arrival.  This visa can then be converted to an RP while your employee is in Qatar, but the employee cannot begin working until the RP is approved.

This is a convenient option compared to many countries that don’t allow conversion while in the country, but one rule to remember is that the applicant cannot leave Qatar during the period of conversion to the RP.

Once the conversion begins, the RP visa processing time is from 2-4 weeks but can be longer depending on circumstances.  Given the current political climate in Qatar and some potential barriers, you should allow ample time for the application to be processed.