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The new procedures for the travel and return policy to Qatar through its air, land and sea ports, announced by the Ministry of Health, will enter into force on Monday 12 July, which includes classifying countries in 3 green, yellow and red lists according to the level of risk in each country and the testing and quarantine policy.

Here are the main actions:

1- Pre-registration via ( to obtain a travel permit is mandatory for all travelers (including Qatari citizens and residents) at least 12 hours prior to travel, and the traveler must upload all required official documents and must present a permit Traveling for airline employees (in case of traveling through Hamad International Airport) to allow him to board the plane, or for passport officers at the land borders (in case of traveling through Abu Samra land port).

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2- Unvaccinated citizens and residents wishing to travel abroad to one of the countries not included in the green list must book hotel quarantine packages in one of the hotels designated for quarantine in the State of Qatar and listed on the “Discover Qatar” website before traveling.             

3- A PCR test for travel abroad must be carried out in one of the private health care facilities previously announced by the Ministry of Public Health. A PCR test must be carried out at a medical center approved by the local Ministry of Health of the country of arrival before traveling to the State of Qatar.

4- Travelers recovering from Covid-19 from citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries must present the original vaccine certificate (at least one dose of any of the vaccines licensed by the Ministry of Public Health – Qatar.), a (PCR) examination in addition to a certificate proving the occurrence of Covid infection 19.

5- All passengers transiting through the State of Qatar (transit) must bring a PCR examination certificate before travel, valid for 72 hours from arrival, and in the event that another PCR examination is required for their next destination, they can conduct the examination at Hamad International Airport for a fee. Fixed QR 300/- per examination.

6- If travelers are allowed to self-quarantine, the accommodation conditions must be appropriate, with the need to have a separate room with an en suite bathroom. If the place of residence does not comply with the conditions, the traveler must book one of the hotel quarantine packages through the “Discover Qatar” website before traveling to the State of Qatar

7- The validity period of the vaccine to grant exemption from quarantine is 12 months, starting 14 days after the second dose, and the immunity period can be extended based on any new data in this regard.

8- The list of vaccines approved by the Ministry of Public Health includes: Pfizer/Biontech (Comernate), Moderna (Spikefax), AstraZeneca (Coveshield/Oxford/Vaxephiria), and Janssen/Johnson & Johnson ( Single dose only), in addition to vaccines with conditional approval: Sinaform vaccine.

* Passengers who have received two doses of one of the conditional-accreditation vaccines specified above will be subject to an antibody test upon arrival, and if the result is positive, they will be exempted from the quarantine requirements; In the event that the result is negative, the traveler must undergo quarantine according to the classification of the country of departure, in addition to undergoing a PCR examination upon arrival.  

* Passengers who have one of the licensed vaccines must submit the original vaccination certificate containing the following information: the person’s name in conformity with the passport, the dates of the doses according to the type of vaccine (one dose for Janssen and two doses for other vaccines), the type/name of the vaccine, the serial number of the vaccine (if any) ), the official logo or seal of the vaccine donor.

** For people recovering from Corona:

Citizens and residents who have contracted COVID-19 in Qatar during the past 12 months are exempted from quarantine upon return from abroad, if they do not show symptoms of the disease and the result of the PCR examination is negative. As for those diagnosed in any of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. And those who have received at least one dose of the vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health in Qatar will be exempted from quarantine, provided that they present a valid official certificate containing the details of the previous infection, provided that it is issued by the local Ministry of Health in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

** It is mentioned that there are 11 Arab countries in the yellow list: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Comoros and Djibouti.
** There are 10 Arab countries in the red list: Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.

* Here is a summary of the new measures for travel, return and quarantine:

>> List of green countries according to the classification of the Ministry of Health in Qatar.

>> The yellow list countries according to the classification of the Ministry of Health in Qatar.

>> Red list countries according to the classification of the Ministry of Health in Qatar.