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Activists on social media published a video of a disaster that almost occurred at Kuwait Airport, after two planes took off and landed on the same runway at the airport.

In the circulating clip, a plane belonging to the Kuwait Airways Company “Al-Jazeera” appears at a runway at Kuwait Airport, and the presence of a Qatar Airways plane landing in the same runway.

For its part, the General Administration of Civil Aviation in Kuwait responded to the video circulating in a statement posted on its Twitter account, in which it said: In response to the circulating video of two planes landing and taking off at Kuwait Airport, we would like to clarify that civil aviation has implemented security and safety measures in accordance with international standards followed in such cases. .

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The administration indicated that an investigation committee was formed to find out the reasons, hold accountable those proven to be negligent, and implement legal procedures.

The Kuwaiti Civil Aviation Administration also stressed the application of security and safety measures according to international standards followed in such cases.