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The Ministry of Public Health announced the update of the lists of countries according to the severity of the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to the new update, the green list was emptied of any Arab country, 
while the yellow list included 7 Arab countries, including the Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain – Kuwait – Oman – Saudi Arabia – UAE) in addition to Morocco and Algeria. 

As for the list of red countries, it included 14 countries: (Egypt – Djibouti – Comoros – Iraq – Jordan – Lebanon – Libya – Mauritania – Palestine – Somalia – Sudan – Syria – Tunisia – Yemen).

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Subject travelers unvaccinated, or recipients of vaccines are not supported in the State of Qatar, or who have not completed a period (14) days from the date of the second dose, the following:
 coming from countries classified Balkhaddra: undergo quarantine home for (5) days with the test work Another PCR at a primary health care center on the fourth day, and it will be authorized on the fifth day if the test is negative.    
 Arrivals from yellow countries: subject to hotel quarantine for a period of (7) days with a PCR test (at the expense of the traveler) at the hotel on the sixth day, and will be authorized on the seventh day if the test is negative. 
 Arrivals from the countries classified in red: subject to hotel quarantine for a period of (10) with a PCR test done upon arrival at the hotel, and on the ninth day (at the traveler’s expense), and he will be licensed on the tenth day if the test is negative. 
Immunized travelers coming from the red countries will undergo a PCR test (at the traveler’s expense) upon arrival at Hamad International Airport / the land port, and if the test result is positive, the traveler must adhere to the isolation protocol.