From the graduation ceremony of the third batch of Police College

Doha – Qena

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A number of officials and directors of departments at the Ministry of Interior affirmed that the Police College, since its inception, has demonstrated its excellence in graduating high-quality officers who are able to protect security, implement the law, and establish justice with an enlightened security thought.

In press statements today, on the sidelines of the college’s celebration of the graduation of the third batch of students nominated to it, officials praised the great efforts made by the college, which made it ranks among international colleges and academies and has become a distinct security edifice that everyone who belongs to it is proud of.

The Police College witnessed the graduation ceremony of a new batch of candidate students, whose number is (112) graduates, including (93) Qataris from the Ministry of Interior and a number of military agencies in the state, and (19) graduates from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the State of Palestine, and the Republic of Yemen.

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The ceremony witnessed a review of students affiliated with the “officers of tomorrow” program launched by the college with the aim of consolidating authentic Islamic and Arab principles, deepening national identity and promoting noble values ​​in the hearts of young people, as well as contributing to community service, developing leadership skills, enhancing students’ confidence, and training them in a number of arts And athletic and military skills.

In this context, His Excellency Major General Abdulaziz bin Faisal Al Thani, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Commander of the Lekhwiya Force, expressed his happiness at the graduation of the third batch of students of the Police College and their joining of their colleagues in the various security sectors in the country to be a help and support in the performance of security tasks after they had graduated over the course of 4 years Among the corridors of the college are the best police and legal sciences, the best military and sports training, and they have become highly qualified and are able to work efficiently and competently, which represents a real addition to police work in the state.

His Excellency added that the Ministry of Interior and Lekhwiya Force are proud of the presence of a new group of distinguished citizens of the country among its members who carry the Secretariat for maintaining security and order and protecting the homeland and everyone who lives on the land of Qatar. They make great effort and great work in preparing and preparing students.

For his part, His Excellency Major General Saad bin Jassim Al-Khulaifi, Director of Public Security, affirmed that the Police College is a factory for strong men who are able to protect security, implement the law and establish justice, indicating that after the third batch students passed legal and police courses efficiently and competently, and passed military and sports training and special courses enthusiastically With relentless determination, the Ministry of Interior in all its departments is waiting for the graduates of the third batch to join the ranks of its employees to engage in police work, contributing with their colleagues to present an honorable image of a modern security man who is able to keep up with the security challenges imposed by the technological development that led to the development of crime, and transnational crimes and crimes appeared Cyber ​​and others.

His Excellency added that this high-level qualification made graduates of the Qatar Police College modern officers fully aware of these crimes and ways to confront them, as they possess skills and capabilities that were developed over the course of 4 years until they reached this distinguished level, expressing his confidence that they will continue to excel and excel during the tasks. The process, and wishing them and all employees of the Ministry of Interior success in their work.

In turn, Major General Dr. Abdullah Yusuf Al-Mal, Advisor to His Excellency the Minister of Interior and Vice President of the Supreme Council of the Police College, said that the celebration of the Police College at the graduation of the third batch of its students is a dear occasion for the souls as we see promising generations of the nation’s sons and daughters reaping the fruits of fatigue and effort after years of serious study and hard training To gain the honor of joining work in the military and police fields, expressing his pride in the distinguished level of graduates of the first and second batches, and the high level of discipline, commitment and seriousness that the third batch graduates have achieved.

Major General Al-Mal pointed out that the Qatari Police College, since its inception and until now, has demonstrated its superiority and ability to graduate police officers at the highest academic and security levels, which confirms the insightful vision in the decision to establish the college to be a national monument referred to by Lebanon, wishing the graduates all success in their work, and congratulating families and families Graduates from the nation and from the sisterly Arab countries whose children study at the Qatar Police College.

For his part, His Excellency Major General Abdullah Muhammad Al Suwaidi, Assistant Director of Public Security, explained that the Police College is taking confident steps in renewing the pledge and loyalty and providing the Ministry of Interior with the most qualified and promising young officers who have learned from the latest knowledge and the best and most important training courses. And according to the highest training standards used.

His Excellency pointed out that these efforts made by the Police College have transformed them into the ranks of international colleges and academies, and the college has made its graduates distinguished officers who participate in maintaining security and providing distinguished services.
His Excellency General Al-Suwaidi wished the graduates success in their working lives and benefiting from training in developing work, stressing that they are a real addition to the Qatari police force.

For his part, His Excellency Major General Engineer Abdulaziz Al-Ansari, Director of the International Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Interior, said that the celebration of the Police College at the graduation of the third batch confirms its pioneering position among its counterparts from colleges, a position that thanks to everyone’s efforts, it has reached in a short time, it has become a beacon for police science, and an example Emulated in her field of specialization.

He pointed out that the ceremony, as is the case in the graduation of the first and second batches, included impressive and distinguished activities and interesting field performances, reflecting the efforts made by the graduates to appear in a decent appearance, noting that this field effort does not diminish other efforts they made in educational attainment and further knowledge The law that will contribute to enabling them to perform the work entrusted to them efficiently and in a modern professional manner that the police will follow in combating crimes and spreading security throughout the country.

Major General Al-Ansari thanked the administrators of the college, including the board of trustees, departments, teaching and training staff, for their efforts to prepare this batch of graduates, wishing them success in their practical life.
For his part, His Excellency Major General Khalifa Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Head of the National Command Center, congratulated the graduates and their families on the joining of these trained and qualified young cadres to work in the police field, who will practically join various aspects of work in the departments of the Ministry of Interior to fulfill their national duty well, for what the graduates have gained from advanced preparation and qualification programs .

He expressed his happiness that these young graduates came at this time and in these circumstances in which all efforts are combined and preparations are made for the important event, which is securing the 2022 FIFA World Cup, as it represents a real boost to those efforts and preparations, noting that this ceremony represents moments A breakthrough in which the graduates reap the fruits of their effort after a march of diligence and continuous work, which enhances security and safety in the State of Qatar.

Major General Al-Nuaimi added that there is coordination and cooperation between the National Command Center and the Police College through which students who are nominated during their training in the college are given practical application doses at the center’s headquarters on the specializations of the Central Operations Department and how important security events and crises are dealt with, in addition to procedures for covering and securing sports competitions and events. Major, and procedures for receiving reports in the Emergency Services Department 999 and following up on them in the Command and Control Department, with the aim of providing them with practical skills to be added to the academic knowledge they received in the college.

In the same context, His Excellency Major General Khalifa Nasr Al-Nasr, Director of the Human Resources Department at the Ministry of Interior, indicated that attending the graduation of the third batch of police college students is a source of pride for all because of the seriousness and discipline among the graduates, and the high level of students, whether in the academic or training field, confirms the safety The training plans pursued by the ministry and the success of its strategy in caring for the human element and developing its skills and capabilities as a strategic goal is to prepare a distinguished cadre with high skills in managing work in the ministry and to train and raise the efficiency of the ministry’s employees to secure the 2022 World Cup.

His Excellency Major General Al-Nasr added that the officers from the first and second batches of the Qatar Police College work in various departments at the Ministry of Interior with outstanding performance and competence alongside their colleagues, and we are sure that the graduates of the third batch will be at the same level when they join the field work, wishing the graduates success and demanding the rest of the batches who are still They are studying at the college to continue the approach of their former colleagues in ensuring educational achievement and seriousness in training.

For his part, Brigadier Abdul Rahman Al-Sulaiti, Director of Planning and Quality Department at the Ministry of Interior, expressed his happiness, pride and pride in the new graduates, because they are pride and support for the security and safety of the state, stressing that the ministry spares no effort in the field development of graduates when they join their work in the ministry, which contributes to qualifying them to assume leadership positions Contribute to serving the nation.

Dean Al-Sulaiti appreciated the efforts of the Police College and its academic, training and administrative staff in supporting the quality of recent graduates and its eagerness to train them with high professionalism, as well as its scientific achievements, pointing out that the Police College, with the support of the Ministry, is keen on the continuous development of the educational and training process and takes into account the importance of academic accreditation to keep pace with the latest developments In the legal and police field.
He expressed his hope that the graduates would follow confident steps in their career paths and work hard to achieve the vision of the Ministry of Interior in its regional and international leadership and to implement its mission to achieve security stability and excellence in performance, taking into account all the noble religious, human and moral values.

In the same context, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Jaber Hammoud Jaber Al-Nuaimi, Director of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department, a member of the faculty, expressed his happiness at the graduation of the third batch of college candidates who will contribute to achieving the aspirations of the wise leadership, through their work in the fields of pride and honor with all sincerity and honesty, after they have obtained The latest academic knowledge and specialized police training.
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Jaber Al-Nuaimi explained that the college sought, during its short career, to accomplish many of the required tasks, to graduate three batches of officers armed with knowledge and military skills, to actively participate in regional and global forums, and to prepare international conferences that search for the most effective ways to address security issues. Appreciation from global institutions, and it has become a security beacon to be emulated by its rich experience and accumulated expertise.

He added that human expertise has been employed and material capabilities have been harnessed to establish a pioneering college at the regional and global level, and to fulfill the mission by qualifying police cadres with high efficiency, contributing significantly to improving the level of performance in the police force, serving security institutions locally and regionally, and achieving goals by providing training and educational service. According to the latest international standards.
He pointed out that this year’s graduation ceremony witnessed many new offers, which differed significantly from the offers in the graduation ceremony of the previous two batches, explaining that this year’s ceremony was exceptional due to the (Corona) pandemic, as the Ministry of Interior took all measures and precautionary measures to combat the spread of the virus in cooperation. And coordination with the Ministry of Public Health.

In turn, Major Fahad Al-Subaie, Director of the Training Department at the Police College, congratulated the graduates of the third batch and their families who are preparing to contribute to the service of the nation .. confirming his confidence that this batch that has completed all training and academic programs in the college will be a model for excellence, leadership, discipline and the ability to develop, and wishing them Success in their working life, and to be officers with a high level of competence and professionalism.
He said that the Police College is working according to carefully studied plans to prepare students cognitive, physical and behavioral, noting that the leadership qualification program for candidates contributes to improving their leadership skills and enhancing their ability to assume tasks and responsibilities.

He indicated that within a short period of time, the Police College achieved successes and achievements at all levels, and within the framework of enhancing the march of progress and openness to programs with qualitative advantages, the college adopted three specialized military courses (thunderbolt, parachute jump, and diving), aimed at giving officer candidates self-confidence and ability To endure difficulties and contribute to improving their field efficiency.
The college provided all the logistical requirements for the specialized courses, in addition to allocating the most skilled trainers and experts to supervise these courses, and the candidate students were up to the challenge, and were distinguished in all training at a remarkable level, and they were praised by the officers and supervising trainers.