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Since the end of July 2020, the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health and the citizens and residents’ follow-up of the precautionary measures have succeeded in flattening the curve of Coronavirus (Covid-19) infections, and the curve descended from above the 300 to 200 infections per day, and as a continuation of this approach, fewer than 200 injuries were recorded daily, and to Less than 100 injuries per day. 

So what happened in 6 months and the curve rose again and broke the 300-day mark? 

A question raised by many during the previous hours on social media … as it has its own way of asking: What is wrong then? 

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Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of 338 new confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the last twenty-four hours, including 324 local infections recorded among community members and 14 cases among travelers returning from abroad who were subject to quarantine.

During the four different stages that began last July, Qatar eased the precautionary restrictions followed, by opening malls, stores, parks, beaches and recreational facilities, after the curve of injuries had flattened, but the government communication office said that these measures are subject to following the precautionary measures. 

Experts believe that there is a clear disregard for the precautionary measures on the part of society that officials at the Ministry of Health have always warned about in all their press conferences and media meetings, as these officials warned against following these procedures in councils, family visits and gatherings, pointing out that these social customs are the primary cause For infection.

And the precautionary measures known since the beginning of the pandemic and announced by the Ministry of Health are wearing masks, washing hands frequently or using sterilizer (from alcohol), and maintaining social distance (1.5 meters). 

Al-Sharq, for its part, strongly warned of the public’s disdain for these measures. With the resumption of commercial and life activities, citizens and experts across the “East” called for the importance of the individual and society’s commitment to the precautionary measures.

In view of the daily recklessness that the street suffers from not following the precautionary measures, the competent authorities refer hundreds every day to the prosecution. 

Specialists and experts have always emphasized that the virus is still living among us, hoping that society will believe that Qatar’s miracle in controlling the virus and flattening the infection curve does not mean that the virus has gone far.