Job Resignation Rights or Employees Rights When Fired From Job in Qatar

Job Resignation Rights in Qatar

There are several job resignation rights or employees’ rights when you are fired from the job in Qatar. If your resignation is not accepted by the employer or if you are fired from the job in Qatar, there are several laws which will protect your future employment opportunities in Qatar.

If you are unknown about these laws and rule it can be the great loss of your future job opportunities and can let your profile worst when your new employer conducts a background check on you.

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So, here we are trying to gather more important rules and laws which you should know regarding job resignation right or if in case your employer fired you from the job.

These are just the basic guidelines which will help you to decide the appropriate idea and legal course of action to take so as not to compromise your work and stay in Qatar.

Job Resignation Rights under Qatar Labor Law

Under the Ministry of Administrative Development Labor & Social Affairs, Qatar Labor Law No (14) of 2004 will apply to the workers as well as employers where their rights and obligation are prescribed.

This is what Qatar Labor Law No (14) of 2004, says in case of job resignation rights or employees rights when fired from the job.

A. Article 49 – Regulation of Notice Period

Article 49 of Qatar Labor Law No (14) of 2004, describes the regulation of notice period. As stated in Qatar Labor Law No (14) of 2004, if the service contract is of indefinite duration, any of two parties i.e. employee or employer may terminate without giving any reasons.

Below mentions notice period applies for the indefinite duration of a service contract.

  1. If wages are annually or monthly basis, notice period should not be less than one month.
  2. If the period of service is more than five years, the notification period should be at least two months.

In all other cases notification period must be as mentioned below.

  1. If the period of service is less than one year, notification period should be at least one week.
  2. For the service period more than one year and less than five years, notification period should be at least two weeks.
  3. If the service period is more than five years, notification period should be at least one month.

B. Article 50 – Compensation upon Termination

If the contract is terminated by any of the party besides above mentioned period (in article 49), they are obligated to compensate another party for an amount equivalent t the wage for the notice period or remaining part thereof.

If the employer is the one who is terminating the contract, they are obligated to pay the wages for the full notice period and should provide enough time for the employees to search another job.

C. Article 51 – When Can Employees Terminate Contracts

Employee can terminate their contract before the expiry if the contract is of definite duration also without giving any reason even if the contract period is indefinite duration under certain circumstances.

An employee can terminate the contract for the following reasons:

  1. If an employer commits a breach of his obligations under the service contract, or the provisions of this law employee can terminate their contract with full of rights.
  2. An employer or their responsible manager or administration commits a physical assault or immoral act to employees or their family member, employees have full of the right to terminate their contract.
  3. If in case employer or their responsible manager or representative has misled the worker at the time of entering into the service contracts as to the pre-mentioned terms and conditions of the work.
  4. If an employer does not take necessary action for any known work endanger for safety and health of employees.


All above-mentioned rules, regulation or job resignation rights of workers are defined in Qatar Labor Law No (14) of 2004.