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    Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi read an official statement in which he said that Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid planned with others to destabilize the country, stressing that the moves that had been planned for a long time had been controlled in coordination with external parties.

    In a press conference, Safadi revealed that the number of people who were arrested yesterday, Saturday, ranged between 14 and 16, stressing that no military leaders had been arrested, and that “the movements led by Prince Hamzah were completely controlled and besieged.”

    The minister added that there are attempts to destabilize Jordan, and that the security services have monitored during the last period contacts of Prince Hamzah’s close circle with foreign parties, including the Jordanian opposition abroad, accusing them of plotting to destabilize Jordan.

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    In response to a question by Al-Jazeera, Safadi said that Jordan’s security and stability is above all, and all measures will be taken to protect the country.

    Safadi explained that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff met with Prince Hamzah, and asked him to stop actions targeting the country’s security, and that the Emir refused to respond to the request to stop the moves that target the country’s security, and dealt with him negatively, according to his expression.
    The Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs continued, saying that the preliminary investigations indicated that Prince Hamzah was in constant coordination with Basem Awadallah regarding his steps, and the security services monitored yesterday, a person with external links communicated with the wife of Prince Hamzah.

    Safadi also said, “We have monitored interference and contacts with foreign parties regarding the most appropriate timing to start steps to destabilize Jordan,” adding that there are efforts to contain the situation within the Hashemite family; “But no one is above the law.”

    The minister stressed that the authorities adhere to the necessary legal procedures to protect Jordan, and that intensive investigations have continued over a long period, and that the security services recommended taking measures yesterday, and he also confirmed that the authorities moved after the suspects moved from planning to determining the time of action.

    Earlier, the Chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Yusef Ahmad Al-Huneiti, announced that the joint security investigations had led to the arrest of a number of figures for security reasons.

    Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, the former head of the royal court, Bassem Ibrahim Awadallah, and others were arrested.

    Al-Hunaiti explained that the investigations are continuing, and their results will be revealed, stressing that all the measures that were taken were carried out within the framework of the law, he said.