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Kuwaiti broadcaster Muhammad Al-Moamen shocked his audience after he filmed a video clip declaring his apostasy from Islam in broadcasting and converting to Christianity.

The believer, the grandson of broadcaster Hamad Al-Moamen, one of the founders of Radio Kuwait, published a video clip wearing the cross and attached it to the phrase: “I became hardened, I knew what the Lord is, I understood life and lived.”

Russia Today said that the broadcaster sparked a great controversy about what he did, and many observers in Kuwait expressed their shock at the believer’s decision to convert to Christianity, so that the list of trends in his country was issued.

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While one of the activists saw that he might suffer from psychological disorders and commented, saying: “There is no justification for any Muslim who changes his religion, but according to the video circulated by the broadcaster # Muhammad_the Believer, I see beyond any doubt that he suffers from psychological disorders and lives in a state of confusion and diaspora, and this is reflected in his appearance, health, thinking and duty. That we pray to God to guide and heal him and to return to his senses, reason, religion and health.

While the tweeters called for him to be guided and to return to his religion and rationality, commenting: “Lord, our hearts will not go off after you have guided us.”

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Al-Moamen is a Kuwaiti journalist and broadcaster, who is also a media advisor and news program presenter.

He started his media career since 2005, and was known for his strong and conversational personality. He works for Al-Rai Channel, and presents many news and controversial programs in it, as he presented the “Point of Controversy” program that is shown on ITV Kuwait, in which he addressed many issues of concern to Kuwaiti society and Kuwaiti women.