The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has launched the national employment platform (Kawader) where all jobs available in Qatar in the government and private sectors will be displayed.

This is done with the aim of providing citizens with the opportunity to get jobs that suit their qualifications.

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Job seekers will be able to register on the platform as of Monday, August 24, 2020, and 4,800 jobs will be offered in all specialties of various qualifications starting September 2020.

In this context, HE the Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs Yousuf Mohamed al-Othman Fakhro thanked HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani for his constant and continuous support for the efforts aimed at employing national cadres in the government and private sectors, and for raising the rates of Qatarisation in the private sector to 60%, and his directives to simplify procedures, remove bureaucratic obstacles, and speed up the process of providing all services online.

The minister affirmed that Kawader was launched as a flexible and easy way to enable job seekers to find opportunities that match their qualifications and experiences in the government and private sectors, and link job nominations with the authorities directly to conduct personal interviews, without the need for the ministry to intervene in the process of selecting the appropriate job and the entity.

HE the Minister said that these procedures are carried out electronically, starting with creating a CV, registration, selecting the appropriate job, and conducting a personal interview by the body concerned, up to the acceptance and appointment, adding that the ministry’s role through the Kawader platform is to coordinate with the authorities , in addition to guiding and counseling job seekers and following up with employers .

On August 24, the platform will be open for registration and submitting of CVs, and in September candidates will be able to view and choose suitable jobs.

During the first stage, registration will be for female and male citizens who do not have jobs , HE the Minister said, adding that those born to Qatari mothers shall be nominated for jobs in the private sector.

HE the Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs Yousuf Mohamed al-Othman Fakhro during his speech.

HE the Minister noted that national cadres wishing to obtain jobs should have completed education in areas that are compatible with the requirements of the labour market , or they should join the government scholarship programme or professional training programmes that qualify them to meet the required specialisations in the labour market.

HE the Minister called on all job seekers to take advantage of the services provided by the National Employment Platform Kawader.

At a press conference held on the occasion of the launch of the platform , Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Development Affairs Abdullah Musallam al-Dosari confirmed that the opening of registration will begin on August 24, for 4,800 jobs in state-owned entities or in which it contributes or are subject to the retirement and pensions law , pointing out that this number is subject to increase.

He stated that only those registered with MADLSA will be recruited, and a person may apply for one job in an entity. “If he is refused, he will be allowed to apply for another. When the entity accepts the job seeker, he will be appointed immediately. The ministry then follows up the recruitment process and attends some personal interviews.”

Al-Dosari advised high school students to avail of the scholarships to pursue specialisations needed by the labour market, as well as to join training programmes required for professional jobs.

He said those who are currently registered with the ministry must register on the Kawader platform again and create a special CV because the platform needs more details. However, the ministry will transfer the attachments submitted with the earlier applications to the platform and the candidate need not attach them again.

Al-Dosari said employers have to check the applications and enter the results of interviews conducted with job-seekers.

The Director of the National Human Resources Development Department Abdulaziz Hassan emphasised the importance of ensuring that personal data is entered into the system correctly with the required documents attached along with it.

Director of Information Systems Department at the Ministry Mona al-Fadhli spoke about the technical support for job seekers, noting that Kawader has been designed in an easy, scalable and secure manner and adopts data confidentiality and privacy.

She advised against using mobile phones in the registration process, and rely instead on laptops and computers, because the platform contains many services that are difficult to use on mobile phones.

She affirmed the presence of a technical team that will provide support to job seekers and facilitate the registration processes and help them overcome any obstacles they may face through using links on the platform, in addition to telephone numbers for communication.