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Lieutenant Faisal Hassan Al-Jaidi, officer of the Eastern Region Division at the General Administration of Coastal and Border Security, confirmed that the administration possesses the most recent long-range or short-range marine boats to secure the entire maritime domain of the State of Qatar.

Speaking to the police program with you on Qatar Radio, Lieutenant Al-Jaidi added that the administration also has a modern radar system to protect the security of Qatar’s coasts and territorial waters.

The officer of the Eastern Region Division of the General Administration of Coasts and Borders Security stated that the Air Reconnaissance Department conducts routine patrols on the coasts and nearby islands, in addition to conducting search and follow-up operations on his plane.

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Al-Jaidi also indicated that at the beginning of the implementation of the anti-Corona virus decisions issued by the state, most of the groups were prevented from descending into the sea, except for the categories of fishermen, and with the gradual lifting of restrictions, the rest of the groups were allowed to descend to the sea with the imposition of precautionary measures for the excursion categories such as reducing the capacity of maritime mediation. Half and we download a precaution app, where the administration randomly conducts inspection campaigns to ensure full compliance with these procedures.