Dr. Rafaa Bakhit, Assistant Executive Director of Nursing at Rumaila Hospital affiliated to the Ministry of Health, said: We are happy that the state and the health authorities have given priority to receiving the Corona Covid-19 vaccination for workers in the medical and nursing sector and workers on the front lines to combat the virus, and Rumaila Hospital was one of the first medical and health facilities to start In the vaccination campaign, the campaign began last Wednesday, when frontline workers were vaccinated in the hospital, indicating that most of the workers at Rumailah Hospital provide medical services to the elderly group in the hospital, which is one of the groups that have priority to receive vaccinations.

Rifaa Bakhit confirmed in a statement to Al-Sharq website that the health centers provide medical teams to examine the person and conduct the necessary examinations while reviewing his medical history, and if the medical examinations show anything that conflicts with the vaccination process, it will be stopped and this person will not be fed the Corona vaccine, but if the results of the medical examinations are sound. The person is ready to be given the vaccination, and she wished that all families who have elderly people targeted by the vaccination would hurry to respond to the campaign and go to the nearest health center to receive the vaccination.

Regarding the rumors about the Corona vaccine, she said: We first emphasize that community members should take news only from reliable sources, and the state has provided a number of official platforms for news related to the vaccine and the vaccination process.

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She added that the Corona vaccine has proven effective worldwide and that it is very safe, and its symptoms are natural and do not mention the seriousness of the virus, and I hope that all target groups will respond by receiving the vaccination.

She indicated that the vaccination campaign requires collaboration from all members of society and we must all unite so that we can overcome this virus and restore our normal life, especially since since the beginning of the spread of the Corona virus, we have been able in the Qatari society to confront the virus and limit its spread due to our solidarity and our commitment to the precautionary and preventive measures set by the authorities. The health sector in the country, and now that the state has provided the Corona vaccine, the target groups in the campaign should take advantage of this opportunity and go to the nearest health center to receive the vaccination.

Regarding the first week of the vaccination campaign at Rumaila and Al-Dawla Hospital, Rifa’a Bakhit said, “We witnessed a great turnout from the families and the patients themselves, and we found them all happy to provide them with vaccinations. My life is normal, so we told him not now, but after you receive the second dose and you have immunity to the virus, you can go about your life normally, God willing.

 I would like to point out that since the beginning of the spread of the virus, we have been in Rumaila Hospital in control of the situation through the strict application of precautionary and preventive measures to combat the virus, and we have recorded very slight infections and all have recovered.