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The Ministry of Transportation and Communications announced the completion of the initial design project to connect Lusail City to the expressway network, according to a statement by the ministry that it published on its official page on Twitter, and the ministry explained that this comes within the framework of modernizing and developing the current transportation network to accommodate the increasing demand for transportation, and in preparation for hosting events The project includes designing 39 kilometers of roads and 25 major intersections, some of which are multi-level, and also includes linking the North Road to Lusail City with highways with free traffic flow along the lanes of the Tarfa Road and the Play Road, in addition to that. The inner Lusail Street will be linked to Al Majd Road to ensure a free flow of traffic, and the project provides an integrated transport network for all transportation users, including pedestrians, cyclists and metro users, as well as providing a safe and effective traffic flow for traffic and enhancing communication between the cities of Doha and Lusail.To keep pace with the rapid growth of the population, the project was transferred to the Public Works Authority to prepare the detailed designs and then implement it according to its implementation program.
The Ministry is currently working on a field technical survey of the road network assets, which includes 20 thousand km of supplementary road lanes, with the aim of ensuring the provision of a safe and high-quality road network and building a smart database to evaluate its performance, raise the level of safety and reduce traffic accidents.