Ministry reinforces preventive measures against coronavirus


Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a circular to temporarily close all restaurants, cafes, food outlets and food trucks in sports clubs, Doha Corniche, Al Khor, Lusail, and Aspire Park as of Sunday.

The Ministry explained that this temporary closure comes within the framework of the precautionary measures taken by the State to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID- 19), stressing that violating this decision will expose its perpetrators to legal accountability.

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In a related context, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry made sales outlets in the country apply the regulations for a safe distance between customers and clients by placing guiding sings on the ground, in the context of preventive precautions against the virus.

The Ministry stated, in a circular, that the requirements for a safe distance between customers and clients, included waiting queues for payment and reception, with a minimum of one and a half meters, starting from Monday. The Ministry indicated that it will intensify its inspection campaigns to ensure the extent of compliance with this circular.

The Ministry said that these instructions come within the precautionary measures to prevent coronavirus in accordance with Article No. 13 of the Consumer Protection Law No. 8 of 2008, which requires suppliers to adhere to health and safety conditions. It noted that anyone who violates the provisions of this circular will be subjected to the penalties stipulated in the laws, decisions, and regulations.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced the extension of the return and replacement period for goods and merchandise, explaining that the closing period of retail stories in commercial complexes and shopping centers is not to be counted within the time period specified in the policy of each store.

The Ministry urged retail stores in the malls and shopping centers to implement this decision, which cannot be bypassed, as the Ministry will take all necessary legal measures regarding those who violate this decision.

The Ministry stated that it will intensify its inspection campaigns to ensure the commitment of retail stores in malls and shopping centers to extend the return and exchange period for goods and merchandise. It will monitor the extent of compliance of those concerned with their stipulated obligations and pinpoint any violations in this regard.

The Ministry of Commerce and Trade urged consumers to report any violations of these decisions via the center phone number 16001 or email: or through its accounts on social media sites on Twitter: MOCIQATAR, Instagram: MOCIQATAR or the Ministry’s application on smartphones MOCIQATAR. (QNA)