The Arab League carried out an emergency meeting of its permanent delegates yesterday at Cairo, on Qatar’s request in the view of humanitarian emergency in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

In this meeting that happened yesterday the Arab League Council at the level of the Permanent representatives repeated support for endeavors done by Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia to hold a crisis meeting of the UN General Assembly to stop the outrages that are been going on against the Syrian people by the Syrian regime and its partners. An announcement was issued at the end of the meeting that encourages the global community to press the Syrian regime to open safe humanitarian entries to exit stranded citizens in the troubled city of Aleppo. It additionally criticized strongly “the frightful operations pursued against the innocent citizens in the city.”

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The UN Security Council is requested in the statement to accept its full obligations with deference of keeping up security and peace and stop the battle in every single Syrian locale.Saif bin Muqaddam Al Buainain represented Qatar in the meeting, he is the Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Delegate to the Arab League.


While speaking before the meeting, Al Buainain said the Arab countries and the entire world experience the frightfulness of the disaster in Aleppo as far as the monstrous genocide conferred by the Syrian regime powers and its partners. Innocent citizens are constantly having to suffer due to this unpredictable consistent shelling, it pulverizes everything and everyone, and disregards all principles of human rights, even the privilege to live.


As indicated by Al Buainain the GCC nations are attempting to hold a special session for the UN General Assembly to end the misery of the Syrian civilians as cited in Peninsula Qatar.

He included that the Arab League must carry its obligations and responsibilities specified in the Arab League Charter and solidify an assembled Arab position to force stop the Syrian regime and pressurize it to stop its barbaric hostility against civilians, in which a wide range of weapons, including universally banned weapons, are being utilized against these unarmed innocent citizens.

Buainain said that “Qatar has objected to the awful war in thetoughest words and decisively challenged the frightful destructions by the Syrian regime and its partners”. He included that Qatar highlighted the requirement for the international community to accept their responsibility.