13 May 2018 – 12:02

Armed Forces conducts Command Centre Exercise

The officials during the Command Centre Exercise.


DOHA: The Armed Forces concluded the cpx Command Centre Exercise by Major General Abdullah bin Jassim, in the presence of Commander of the Amiri Land Forces Major General Muhammad bin Ali Al Ghanim.
Major General Abdullah bin Jassim carried out the exercise within the training plan. The training aims to drill the brigade’s leaders at all levels by imposing various military manoeuvre, both tactical and administrative.

It also boosts ability to assess the situation and then set plans and implement them in the system of command and control, which enables all leaders to master their leadership duties and increase the degree of coordination between them and the professionalism of training to respond quickly.

On the sidelines of the exercise, Major General Mohammed bin Ali Al Ghanim met with Commanding General at US Central Command Major General Michael Garrett who visited the exercise and expressed his admiration of the level of advancement of weapons, mechanisms, equipment and command and control systems of Major General Abdullah bin Jassim.

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The two sides also stressed that they will increase joint exercises between the two countries in the future.