Why you should make a trip to Canada next year when the country celebrates its 150th birthday

Canada is the place to be in next year.

There is a reason the country is ranked first in Lonely Planet’s list of Best In Travel 2017.

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And we’re not talking about Justin Bieber.

It earned high praise from the travel site for its “energetic new leader” Justin Trudeau, “reputation for inclusiveness and impeccable politeness” and “mysteriously underrated wine”, among other features.

Get your passports ready – this list will lure you to the wonderful country.


To celebrate the country’s 150th birthday next year, discovery passes to Canada’s 47 national parks, its marine conservation areas and historic sites will be available all year at no cost.

This means hiking along scenic trails at Quebec’s Forillon National Park, star-gazing at Nova Scotia’s Kejimkujik National Park and more.

Visit Canadian national parks for free
Next year, you can visit the Forillion National Park in Quebec and Kejimkujik National Park (above) in Nova Scotia for free.PHOTOS: PARKS CANADA

In short, it’s a nature lover’s dream come true.

However, camping fees are not included.

To obtain the discovery pass, visit Parks Canada at www.pc.gc.ca


Canada Day, which falls on July 1, will be a big one for the country next year.

To celebrate 150 years of confederation, massive celebrations are being planned in various Canadian cities.

Its capital, Ottawa, for example, already has grand plans. Think culinary festivals, epic stunts and gatherings at unexpected venues, arts and music events featuring top Canadian talents, performing arts events at specially constructed installations and much more.

Already, its Interprovincial Picnic event on Alexandra Bridge, a Canadian first, is sold out.

With a birthday bash as momentous as this, it is likely the cities will go all out to showcase the very best of Canada.

There has never been a better time to visit the country.


If all goes according to plan, tourists and citizens alike can explore Canada’s majestic landscapes in a new way next year.

The Great Trail, which spans an impressive 24,000km, is the world’s longest network of recreational trails that connects the east, west, and north coasts of Canada.

Visitors can cycle, hike, paddle, ride on a snowmobile or cross country ski along the paths which traverse urban, rural and wilderness environments.

The project, 24 years in the making, and is 90 per cent completed.

For adventure junkies, this opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to itinerary planning.


Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.PHOTO: REUTERS

I know many women who would fly halfway across the world for Mr Trudeau alone.

But his disarming good looks aren’t the only reason the Canadian Prime Minister has charmed many across the globe.

The progressive leader welcomed over 35,000 Syrian refugees into Canada, even personally greeting them at the airport.

The 45-year-old is also a strong advocate of gender equality, battling climate change and fighting childhood poverty, among others.

Was it any wonder that many Americans wanted to flee to the greener pastures of Canada when Mr Donald Trump won the US presidential election on Nov 8?