The Qatar Airways flight QR778 that was travelling from Miami to Doha was forced to make an emergency landing at an airport in Zurich earlier today, Doha News has reported. The plane was forced to make the landing after an onboard warning was triggered for some reason.

Flight tracking sight ‘FlightAware’ put the emergency landing of QR778 at 12:30 PM Qatar time. Immediately after landing the Boeing 777-300 aircraft of Qatar Airways was surrounded by emergency response vehicles.

qatar airways

Doha News has quoted Qatar Airways officials as saying, “the plane was diverted due to a technical issue”.

“Early indications point to a cooling fan malfunction. The aircraft landed safely and all passengers are being cared for while a replacement aircraft is dispatched from Doha. Safety and security are Qatar Airways’ highest priorities”, the quote added.

It is worth pointing out that it was fourth emergency landing of a Qatar Airways plane in 2016. In April, a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Chicago had to land in Moscow for a passenger who had suffered a toxic shock syndrome. Then in July, a Qatar Airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing on Henri Coanda International Airport in Romania after its engine malfunctioned. In August a Qatar Airways flight QR240 made an emergency landing at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul following a bird-hit.