ECB’s bond buy gets mixed response in Brussels

The leaders of Italy and France will rejoice at the ECB’s decision to buy the debt issued by their governments. But members of the European Parliament are skeptical the policy will lead Europe out of the crisis.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, put on a cloak of silence following the big announcement: “I never comment on the European Central Bank’s decision, at least not in public. The ECB is independent and monetary policy belongs to its domain, not ours,” he said Thursday.

The ECB’s decision to buy 60 billion euros ($68.76 billion) worth of private and sovereign assets a month, for a total of 1.140 trillion euros, until September 2016, far exceeded analysts’ predictions. The move is sure to please countries like France and Italy, whose leaders are holding out hope that a significant monetary injection could help revive their economies.
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Source News: DW