Qatar always welcomes expats who are interested to stay and work in Qatar. But, it would be always better if you inquire through government departments that handle overseas workers and the list with links are given below:

  1. Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
  2. Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
  3. Ministry of Manpower and Emigration in Egypt
  4. Department of Foreign Employment (DFE) in Nepal
  5. Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment in Pakistan
  6. Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment in Bangladesh
  7. Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration in Indonesia
  8. Ministry of Labour and Professional Training in Tunisia
  9. Ministry of Labour in Lebanon
  10. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Ethiopia

You can also use the below links to apply for a job in Qatar:

  1. Monster Gulf Qatar
  2. Bayt Qatar
  3. Gulf Talent Qatar
  4. LinkedIn Jobs in Qatar
  5. Qatar Hire
  6. US Embassy Qatar
  7. Just Landed Qatar
  9. Learn 4 Good Jobs in Qatar
  10. Nakuri Gulf Jobs in DohaIndeed QatarReed Jobs Qatar
  11. Indeed Qatar
  12. Reed Jobs Qatar

You can also apply for jobs through Qatar based company’s websites. We have given some of the top company’s website links below:

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Qatar Gas
  3. Qatar Cement
  4. Jaidah
  5. Al Fardan
qatar airways

When accepting the job offer in Qatar, you need to keep the following things in your mind. 

Employment contract: Before signing, read the contract and make sure that following points are clearly mentioned in the contract.

  • Employer name, place of work, and designation.
  • Proof of identification including full name, exact qualifications, nationality, residence, and profession
  • Contract period

Salary breakups

2. Visa expenses: Your employer is responsible for your Visa Expenses and make sure that this clause is mentioned in the contract.

3. Overtime pay and the time: Overtime shouldn’t be more than 10 hurs for a week. Compensation for this is greater than your basic wage by a minimum of twenty-five percent.

4. Benefits:

  • Basic salary
  • Accommodation or an allowance for it
  • Annual round-trip ticket to employee’s home country
  • Transportation allowance


Annual leave after an year of continuous service: minimum of three weeks if employee has been working for less than five years, and minimum of four weeks if employee has been working for more than five years.
Paid sick leave of up to a maximum of two weeks that can be availed after the probationary period. Employee has to submit the medical certificate when he/she returns to work.
Other Government Holidays: three for Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha; one for Independence Day; three employer-specified leave days
For Muslim employees a Hajj pilgrimage leave entitles them to no more than two weeks away from work but without pay and can only be availed once for the entire duration of employment.

Maternity leaves: You will get 50 days of leaves if you have completed an year in the same company. You can take leaves before the delivery date.

End of Gratuity: After completion of an year in the same company, employees are entitled to a wage benefit that equals three weeks worth of wages on the last salary rate for each year of service.

Health insurance: It is not mandatory, hence employers are not providing this benefit to all the employees.

Right to revoke sponsorship: when an employee resigns, gets terminated, or come to the end of his/her contract, the employer has all rights to cancel/repeal sponsorship without protest. Qatar labour law also states that the expenses of returning the expat employees to his home country falls in the hands of the employer. Within 7 of the issuance of exxit permit, expat has to leave the country. If he extends, employer can inform to the immigration authorities.

Qatar business law: Business visa is valid for a month or two.

Change of Sponsorship: If the employee wishes to change the sponsorhip, then the employee has to get NOC from the current sponsor. This option is only for those who have stayed in Qatar for at least two years prior to requesting for a change in sponsorship.