Hiring Professional Foreign Drivers

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The shortage of qualified workers in Canada is growing on a daily basis. Whether its Mechanic, Farm Laborers, Plumbers, Electricians or Professional Drivers there are not enough individuals here in Canada to fill all the openings. The younger generations are not rushing to start a career in professional driving careers in comparable numbers to those retiring. Hiring of foreign workers has become a solution for many employers to not only fill their empty seats but also lowers the average age of their drivers

The Canadian American Truck-Driving Institute (CATI) works for Canadian Global Staffing Firm a recruitment company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We have chosen to work with our firm due to their desire to ensure drivers coming to Canada are actually qualified.  Once an employer makes a conditional offer to a foreign driver candidate, Toronto Driving School travels to their country and performs a driver evaluation. The results of the evaluation are forwarded to the employer as part of the information that allows you to make your final decision on hiring.

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Professional Drivers are currently being recruited from English speaking Caribbean countries (Jamaica /Trinidad) as they are operating old North American Trucks.  It is a huge opportunity for these drivers to come to Canada and they are looking to stay long- term as drivers.  When they arrive in Canada they come to Toronto Driving School Ontario for Canada-specific training and arrive at their employer’s 30 days later, licensed and ready to go to work.

For more information about this program please contact:

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