The Electronic-Gate system makes it easier for all the expats to enter the country with ease. It is easier for those who are having smart ID card holders to bypass the immigrations formalities by punching their cards at the doha international airport gate and pressing their index fingers on an electronic scanner.


  • Visit immigration office at Madinat Khalifa and have your photo taken at a booth, and fingerprint of your both the hands.
  • Show your ID proof. It can be your passport as well.
  • Pay the fees for the same.
  • For an year, the fee is QR200, QR250 for two years and QR300 for three years.
  • They will then swap your Qatari ID for a chipped ID card. If you have smart ID card, you can skip the immigration process as long as you have an exit permit.

Renewal of Smart ID Card:

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To get it renewed, you should take the electronic form from your company and your name should be in Arabic. The required doccuments are:

  • Old smart ID card
  • ID proof
  • Money to pay.

They will take your picture, fingerprints and then your sign on the electronic pad. Then make the payment for the renewal of the smart ID card. Wait untill you collect your news smart ID card.

Route map is here:

Author: Thilaka Hariprasad    Source: moi