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DOHA: The Department of Teachers Affairs (DTA) at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) issued guidelines for the transfer of teachers for the academic year 2018/2019 in order to meet teachers’ satisfaction and ensure stability.

Teachers willing to transfer from one school to another are advised to apply between March 11 to April 1, 2018, for academic 2018/2019 ,said DTA at the Ministry.

The applications will be answered by the end of June, said the Ministry noting that no applications will be received after the deadline.

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According to official circular No (1/2018) issued Thursday, the Ministry said that DTA, in accordance to a decision of the competent authorities, has the right to transfer a teacher from one school to another in light of public interest.

The distribution of qualified teachers is aimed to meet the requirements of schools, fill vacant posts in all disciplines and provide schools with competent teachers to help them develop the educational process according to the standards and requirements set by the Ministry.

As required by law and public interest DTA shall have the right to transfer teachers according to the recommendation of competent authorities of any school whether he/she applied for voluntary transfer or not.

In the event of a transfer decision, the school administration is obliged to implement the regulations and clear the teacher of any duties.

As for mandatory transfers, the aim is to redistribute teachers between schools according to the evaluation or the study made to keep balance of competencies between schools in a way not affecting their academic performance.

Mandatory transfer of teachers also takes place according to decisions and recommendations of the committee of teachers’ affairs in schools or for reasons expressed by management. This is done in coordination with the departments of educational guidance and early education and the administration of teachers’ affairs.

With regard to the optional transfer of teachers, the Department said that the transfer request is considered in line with the availability of a vacancy in the school where the teacher is transferred, according to his/her specialization and subject taught, and the transition to the same teaching position as much as possible.  There are five conditions given to the teacher in the optional transfer request and  he/she stays at school if one of these is not met. These conditions include geographical location and school distance.

Teachers who are entitled to one of the following types of leave are not allowed to apply for transportation unless he resumes his work for a full semester or a teacher who is either on “accompanying leave, education leave, or traveled aboard for treatment, unpaid leave and maternity leave”.

Teachers are allowed to apply for transfer only once every three years as a minimum and the newly hired employee cannot apply for transportation during the probationary period.

The priority of transfer is for Qatari teachers in addition to years of actual service within the current school and the annual evaluation (the last three years and the priority is for the highest evaluation). The circular also explained the steps and procedures of teacher transfer and how to apply. The applications are submitted through the Ministry of Education website teachers’ services.