Simple cancer test could save thousands of lives

Research has found a way to identify the most deadly type of cancer at a much earlier stage, potentially saving thousands of lives

A simple test could identify the deadliest cancers sooner and save thousands of lives, a new study suggests.

Experts hailed an “exciting” breakthrough which means disease which is now only spotted when it is too late to treat could be spotted many years earlier.
Scientists from Barts Cancer Institute carried out tests on almost 500 patients.

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They found that a particular “signature” of three proteins in the urine identified the most common form of pancreatic cancer, with 90 per cent accuracy.
Almost 9,000 people a year are diagnosed with the disease in the UK – and just three per cent survive five years.

Despite major advances treating other forms of cancer, survival rates for pancreatic cancer have barely changed in four decades.
There is currently no test to diagnose it early.

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