Turns out using the internet all the time might not be great for your health

Though the internet is undeniably packed with great things—bear videos, cat videos, bear videos—it’s probably not the greatest idea to spend too much time surfing the ol’ world wide web.

Some researchers at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital sought to prove this thesis with a recent study measuring the blood pressure of teens (between the ages of 14-17) who are “heavy Internet users.” Their findings seemed to confirm the obvious: being on the Internet all the time isn’t great for your health, or at least isn’t correlated with good health.

According to the study, 19.4% of the heavy internet usage teens tested for high blood pressure. That’s compared to 12.2% for moderate users, and 6.9% for light users.

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The usual caveats apply—the sample may not be definitive, the data may reflect an effect rather than a cause—but this is at least some indication that there’s a connection between spending lots of time sitting in front of a computer and an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Source News: Fusion.net