A Jordanian man has been sent to prison by a Doha Criminal Court for one year for the crime of counterfeiting the signatures of owner of the company he worked for and using the forged signatures to sell two work visas.

Investigations into the case revealed that the man had reportedly sold two work visas to expat women for the amounts of QR20, 000 and QR17, 000 respectively, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported.

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The defendant forged the signatures of a local beauty salon owner after he had already secured copies of the necessary documents of the said business. The defendant had managed to get the copies of the documents after he had entered into negotiations with the salon owner to buy the business, however, an agreement was never reached.

The defendant instead of buying the business convinced the salon owner to open a new beauty salon and initiated the legal procedures on her behalf. However, to her surprise she found out two visas had been issued with her company as the sponsor and subsequently found out that he had forged her signatures, following which she initiated legal action against him.