17 Jan 2018 – 12:34

LG’s latest PuriCare air purifiers now available in Qatar

The Peninsula

LG Electronics (LG) is again setting trends in the air purifier market with the availability of its latest PuriCare air purifier equipped with advanced air purification technology. Boasting cutting-edge air filtration system and air purifying technologies, users now can have instant access to fresh, clean air throughout their homes.

“As people in the Gulf are moving towards becoming more conscious about their health and fitness, they are also increasingly educating themselves on the need to have air purifiers in their homes,” said Yong Geun Choi,

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President of LG Electronics Gulf. “The benefits of having an air purifier especially in a region in which households collect dust is simply immeasurable and we are looking forward to providing a range of air purifiers that will enhance any environment with the best possible air quality.”

LG Air Purifier’s one of a kind 360-degree design effortlessly creates a healthy, comfortable indoor environment. The flexibility of the PuriCare® air purifier means it can be placed anywhere – bringing the best cleaning performance to the entire indoor environment.

The advanced Clean Booster – a fan combined with an air purifier located at the top of the PuriCare® – makes it possible to deliver clean air up to 7.5 meters. In addition to its obliquely tilted design, the nozzle also rotates up to 70 degrees between left and right, sending clean air throughout the indoor environment.

For example, when used in the kitchen the Clean Booster removes food smells in addition to the fine dust that are generated while cooking. Furthermore, the Baby Care feature directs gentle airflow at the base of the air purifier in order to create the ideal atmosphere for infants and toddlers.

The PuriCare® air purifier utilises a 360° Total Care Filter System that combats micro particles, harmful gases and odours. The filter’s first layer of defence removes large dust, with specialised filters then eliminating all external dust and ultra-fine dust. The final filter targets odour-causing agents.

The appliance can be controlled from inside and outside the home via LG SmartThinQ®. This enables users to check indoor air quality from anywhere and activate the air purifier before returning home. The smart air purifier also provides status updates and alerts users whenever it is time to replace the filter.

“By incorporating an innovative 360-degree structure, LG’s new air purifier helps users achieve a healthy indoor environment. As levels of fine dust, pollution, and house dust increase, it is becoming increasingly important to preserve the home as an area where clean air can be guaranteed. LG will continue to develop home appliances that protect the health of consumers and their families,” said Sajed Jassim Mohammed Sulaiman, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Video Home & Electronic Centre.

LG offers two different models designed to provide perfect coverage to a variety of floor sizes including: 91m2 and 58m2 and is available at Jumbo Electronics, Spark Lifestyle Electronics, leading retailers and hypermarkets in Qatar.