First of all, I would like to express great appreciation on behalf of all those luckily and financially sponsored by you. It says in Chinese: No appreciation is enough for great kindness. But here, I still want to thank you all for your kindness, which has provided us with hope and courage to live a better life.

I’ve been in difficult situation in my past employers, I’ve encountered so many hard and difficulties in life but even through this, I will enjoy such a difficult life with the hope you gave to me.

It was such a disaster that I am too sad to speak about it. In fact, if I had not received your help and love, I would have lost all my confidence to continue my life. Luckily, the difficulties didn’t affect my work here in your hands, but strengthened my faith to work harder. I persisted to work hard and got excellent in my dreams and goals. My family is so far from me but sometimes I didn’t feel lonely and was looked after well by your help, guidance, love, hope and support. Your kindness means a lot to me, as great as a mountain. The only thing I can do to reward your kindness is to work hard with you.

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To all of the kind people here together with your daughters and sons which I considered as my brothers and sisters by heart, now how happy we are the households since we have so many kind people and boss like you. We are blessed beyond measure, having and finding a boss like you is not so easy but you show us the real love and care. Again and again I’m very much thankful to my sponsor we appreciated so much for your both kindness and love that your treatment for us as a household worker is like one of your family member. For a years we serve your family we didn’t heard any bad words to all of you. Your hand is always open to help us. You shared to us your laughs. You’re a kind of a person that we can share our doubt, our problem, our opinion, you protect us. I am hoping that all employer are same like you. You never under estimate us even if we have different nationalities. You respect your household worker so that they respect you.

Rodeesa timkang charvet is from Philippines she is in Qatar since Nov. 11, 2014; she has been working as family driver with her current employer Dr. Madhi since 2015.